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Rust on razor blades - your experience?

Which blade manufacturer makes the most rust-prone blades IYHO?

  • ASR

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  • Azmüsebat

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  • Bic

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  • Dorco

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  • Feather

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  • Kai

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  • Mostochlegmash

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  • PPI

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  • SHG

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  • Other - please specify

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When judging a razor blade, one of the factors for me is the time required to develop rust. I have noticed that some blades I use(d) don't suffer at all (Feather) and others a lot (any by Vidyut). I always thought there is one kind of steel roll used and only the coatings vary, but maybe I assumed wrong. What is your experience?

To limit the number of choices, I have listed blade manufacturers, not specific blades. For reference, here is a manufacturer-blade table with 1 prominent example. If you have noticed only 1 brand of a manufacturer susceptible and the rest made by the same manufacturer rust-free, feel free to mention this in the comments.

American Safety Razor
Personna Med
Derby Premium
Baili BP0001
Bic Astor
Czech Blades
Tiger Superior Stainless
Dorco Co., Ltd
Dorco ST-301
Feather Safety Razor Company, Ltd.
Feather Hi-Stainless
Feintechnik GmbH
Croma Diamant
Kai Industries Co., Ltd
Kai Stainless Steel Double Edge
Malhotra Shaving Products
Laser- Ultra
Petersburg Products International
Astra Superior Platinum
Samah Razor Blades Industries LTD
Shanghai Cloud Blade Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Soliman Holding Group
Vidyut Metallics Ltd
Supermax Blue Diamond
Ying Jili
Ying Jili Blue
Hello everyone. I take my blades out of the razor and pat them every so gingerly so I haven't had any rust. The only rust I have ever seen is just a little starting on a black beauty even though I dip them in alcohol. But this is not a complaint I expect that because they are carbon steel. I wish everyone on this forum a wonderful and safe day. The discussion admiration and professionalism on this site is like no other. Best regards Ron Eastman Lynn Massachusetts
The only stainless blade that developped rust in serious amounts was the Russian Astra, both SS and SP (the former Czech ones didn't); within two days in the razor they stained more than most of my carbon steel blades do. It has been at least 10 years ago that I used them so things might have changed.
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