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Rust on my Fatboy?

How can a nickel plated brass razor have rust?
Can someone tell if this is rust or something else?
I have cleaned then polished it with Blue Magic but to no avail.
Thanks for any help.

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If it’s left wet all the time it can happen plus remember how old these are unless it’s recently been replated, you can have it refinished for about $100
That handle should be brass under the Nickel plate? If so it shouldn't 'rust' as such.
Contamination from 'something' else that is rusting on top of the Nickel? Do you store it in a metal stand?
Or in a metal case?


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I'm guessing minerals in the water. Total guess though. The Katrina razor look horrid when it was found.
The light balance on your camera makes the razor look gold. Whether it's nickel or gold, I believe what you have is the brass showing through some of the worn out plating and brass will start to form a patina. Given that the white balance on your camera is not set correctly there's no way to tell what the true colour is of the areas that look red in the picture. But it does look like some type of brass patina to me. Any of the numerous brass polishes should do the trick. Speaking for myself, I've had truly impressive results from MAAS polish and that's what I would use.
Thanks for all the input.
The razor is nickle plated and not gold. I never put razors away wet, always dab dry a soft tissue and let sit on the counter to air dry the whole day.
The spots have a brown look to them, maybe from something on the plating - dunno.
None of my other vintage Gillette nickle plated razors has this issue so maybe it's just on the surface.
I will try cleaning then polish with Blue Magic and report back.
Thanks again to all your comments!

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The razor does look gold in your photo. I thought that the marks should polish out but I have nothing further to ad as you have been given enough good advice. I hope that the marks do polish out for you.
A tad bluer version of the pic.
View attachment 1018174

I have a fatboy that looks just like that. On mine it's brass showing through where the nickel plating has worn off. No amount of polishing will do much of anything except make the brass shiny for a bit until it tarnishes back to a yellow brown. Looks to me like the nickel has plenty of shine and more polishing will not do much more other than wear out the plating more than it already is. I generally don't do much polishing on plated razors for that reason. The more you polish, the more you wear out the plating.
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