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Russian Rapira Super Stainless

Yesterday I tried a Rapira Super Stainless for the first time, I must say that this is one sharp blade, not one of the smoothest blades out there but it got the job done. Three passes and I have a DFS, anyone else tried this hard to find blade?
If it's the red/pink, black, and blue packaged one, I had bought one ten pack some time ago. I just recently bought 100 of them. They work really really well for me. :thumbup:
Been preaching these for a while. Incredibly cost effective. Just recently I bought 2 boxes of 100 for $6.20 each with less than $5 shipping for both from Turkey. Think that is just abut the most inexpensive blade I've come across, and the Rapira, along with the perma-sharp and now the personna med are my 3 go tos.
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I get good shaves from these blades, but they fade pretty quickly. I can only get 3 comfortable shaves from a blade before I toss it. I guess that's not too bad, considering how inexpensive they are.:001_smile
These blades are great for the price. I have found that they rust though, if you don't do anything to prevent it.

rapira SS .different package,same blade. this blades is good
These are not same blades. Their characteristics are very different actually. The one in the right is a pretty bad , dull blade actually. Drags so much and doesn't cut well. The one in the left is a lot sharper, very smooth and gives comfortable shave.

I've used ladas, voskhod, these two stainless rapiras, rapira platinum lux and rapira swedish super steel.

My ranking from bad to best:

Rapira super stainless (blue/pink/black the one in the right, very dull feeling, scrapes the skin, not comfortable and close)
Ladas (low sharpness, comfortable but not so smooth and close shave in the end)
Rapia Platinum Lux(sharpest one, maybe even sharper than permasharps, but not comfortable and a bit irritating, similar to sputniks)
Voskhod(super smooth after shave, but not so sharp and comfortable to shave, kinda drags at first shave, get better at second still not gliding, this is good for light bearded or sensitive skinned persons)
Rapira Swedish super steel(quite sharp, smooth, comfortable very similar to stainless ones in the left)
Rapira super stainless(red/blue/white, the one in the left, similar to swedish ones but it seems to me a tad better, very similar to the Crystals in shaving performance, quite sharp, very comfortable to shave,glides, not voskhod smooth in the end but still very smooth, swedish ones comes 5 in a box, these 10, so its a big advantage)

The ones in the left are my favorite daily blades along with crystals and perma-sharp supers. Perma-sharp supers are the best blades in Turkey and in the top 10 internationally in my opinion.


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Just ordered 300 Rapria SS (the top-right blade) from Bestshave.net this morning.

Blades are definitely a YMMV thing, but for me, these are simply the best I have used. Almost identical for me in smoothness and shave quality as the Astra SP but I can get 2-3 more easy DFS's from the Rapiras .
Definetely worth the price. They produce a satisfying scratch on my stubble:001_rolle. For me they are better than Gilette Platinums. Still trying to find a perfect nickless/weepless blade, so I'm switching mine every two shaves to a different brand. Today I tried Rapiras SS and I think they're great for acheiving DFS. Did one ATG pass and they did not give me BBS like Feathers do. Top lip and chin have some feelable whiskers left. But my skin remained very calm after the shave, only one red spot on the left cheek. I was going XTG and forgot the technique, thus the unneeded pressure and irritation.
Yesterday I tried a Rapira Super Stainless for the first time, I must say that this is one sharp blade, not one of the smoothest blades out there but it got the job done. Three passes and I have a DFS, anyone else tried this hard to find blade?
Not that hard to find. Plenty of sellers on eBay in Russia, but there is a Turkish seller who has them for $7.71 with free shipping. He might even do a deal as he has his listed for Best Offer too. He sells razors, brushes, blades, mugs & Arko soap too. Look for "alirtr2"

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This one below is an excellent, easy to find, inexpensive blade. I an easily get 4+ superb shaves from one.

I actually find these with a Merkur 37C slant razor are the magical combination for me. Interestingly, they don't perform well in a bakelite slant
Got nine two pass shaves and one three pass shave out of my most recent one. (10 total- a Swedish Supersteel) I got a better shave out of a GSB on Friday morning on its 17th shave. I won't be buying more of them.
Hi chaps. Anyone having any issues with the Rapira blades at the moment? I am. Every singe rapira blade I have bought recently has the uneven edges. Ladas, Rapira Swedish Supersteel, Voskhod, Rapira Stainless, Rapira Platinum Lux. Every one with the same dodgy bevel. I'll post some pics up soon. I can't believe they are allowed to pump out these blades!
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