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Running out of soaps to try

We actually have a store that stocks a good range of Stirling locally in Australia, Oz Barber.
I know that you are heading into winter down under but Stirling Soap offers many mentholated soaps that are perfect for those hot days in Oz. I am loving Orange Chill soap and splash. Stirlings Glacial line is on another level of cold entirely. I really like Stirling‘s line of sheep tallow soaps. They seem even slicker than regular line of soaps. !f you aren’t offended by the smell of citronella, I recommend Stirling Glacial Electric Sheep. Embrace the freeze!


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Personally, I try out a bunch of products to see which ones I like the best. I could be wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time, but you give the impression of turning the audition process into the end goal. You must have some favorites from that list.

Maybe it's time to start collecting razors, or colognes, or fountain pens . . . expensive shoes? Perhaps you've exhausted this pursuit in preparation for putting that energy to work in a different area.


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If you try all the different flavors for each brand your not even close to the end.
There use to be a soap sample pass around that I was in multiple times and have tried over 600 different soap flavors
If we're limited to Europe, another vote for Wickhams. Esteem and Fredricsson's are worth a try, and if you're after traditional and cheap, Erasmic is still going strong. Arran might be worth a shot too - even if you only keep the resin "stone effect" bowl.

If we're looking further afield, another vote for Stirling - there's enough variety there to keep anyone going for a while.
After repeated bouts of SAD, I am starting to run out of new soaps to try. Is this the light at the end of the tunnel? Am I finally reaching the bottom of the soap rabbit hole?

Below is a list of all the things I have tried so far (often multiple scents of each). I dabbled in American artisans early on but decided to focus on European makers. This is mainly due to local availability and the high shipping costs from the states. I have also made the decision not to chase vintage or out of production soaps. As far as I'm concerned if they're gone they're gone. There are too many good current production soaps to worry about it. I am also not a fan of croaps.

Are there any must try soaps that I am missing? I have mixed feelings about reaching the end. In some ways it's a relief but it's also been a lot of fun playing around and trying different things.

Acca Kappa (on order)
Antica Barbieria Colla
Acqua di Parma
Ariana & Evans
Barrister and Mann
Baume BE
Castle Forbes
Czeck and Speak
DR Harris
Fitjar Islands
Floris (on order)
Gillette Sentive
Klar Seifen
La Troja (on order)
Lothur (on order)
Martin de Candre
Meisser Tremonia
Mike's Naturals
Mitchells's Woll Fat
Musgo Real
Nancy Boy
Palm Olive
Panna Crema Nuavia
Pre de Provence
Razor Rock
Santa Maria Novella
Saponificio Varesino
Sebum Gold
Taylor of Old Bond Street
Truefitt and Hill
Wholly Kaw
Zingari Man
I can't believe there is no Stirling Soap in this list - a must try and broadly available in Europe.
Le Pere Lucien is worth a try, too.


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I would love to participate in this thread.... but all the soaps I've purchased, with a couple exceptions, were recommended by Tomo and APBinNCA... so anything I would have to contribute would be moot. <Eg>
We actually have a store that stocks a good range of Stirling locally in Australia, Oz Barber.
It would be in your better interests to give Stirling a try as you might just find the one and only like I did when it was recommended to me like 5 yrs ago!!
I can’t help but notice that Cella is not on your list.

an old classic that you must try… and then mix 50/50 with Mitchell’s wool fat in a twist up shave stick. Fabulous stick and you may end up buying a 1kg block of Cella and the requisite 120gm refills of MWF to make many years of shave soap nirvana.
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