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Ruh Roh


Self Ignored by Vista
Looks like we have a Boo Boo.

One of the outside cats (that I rescued a few years ago, (this thread Born in the Great Outdoors - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/born-in-the-great-outdoors.516745/) was laying by the porch last week looking like she didn't feel good. She was limping bad, real bad. Vet. didn't find any puncture wounds and sent here home to see what developed. She thought another cat had bit her.

Sunday an open wound appeared on her shoulder. Vet. said it was an abscess that had drained where another cat had bit her. Vet. shaved the hair around it, took some needle point tweezers and and pulled some fat out of the bite wound, flushed it well with some "blue water". Gave me a syringe with no needle and said to flush it out with peroxide, twice a day would be good. Vet. said to bring her back in about a week to get some of the tissue that is going to die trimmed off.

Socks has been very, very good about letting people handle her. My calico would have torn people up. She seems to be feeling much better and is walking good. She had been in the house from time to time in the past so she knows where the food and water bowls are, and how to use the litter box. She really wants to go back outside, but she's not going out without an escort until the wound heals.

And wouldn't you know it....SWMBO said she couldn't find peroxide at the store today. Hope people aren't hoarding again. I have about half of a big bottle but it won't last forever.


Ad Astra

The Instigator
Dollar Store! I just got a big bottle of peroxide there.

Cmon Socks, get better!



Self Ignored by Vista
Dollar Store! I just got a big bottle of peroxide there.

Cmon Socks, get better!

Thanks! I'll try that...along with the Walgreens and CVS.

Vet. thinks she'll be just fine. I've used that Vet. for years...Dr. A seems to be very good. The partner in the Vet. clinic replaced a hip joint in a little one that got it destroyed by God knows what happened. Recovery took awhile, but turned out like he said...and she walked again just fine.


Needs milk and a bidet!
Ouch! It’s like an episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

you see this on that show all the time. And he cuts it open, drains it, and flushes it. Easy peasy. It’s amazing how animals just deal with stuff like this like it’s an everyday occurrence. Like it doesn’t bother them at all.

I’ve got an outside cat that has made my dump truck it’s home. A couple months ago I heard it crying and it was in the neighbors tree, to far up to get. So we left it there. Next thing you know it’s wayyyy over on the other side in the other neighbors hood crying. So I take it some food. The next day...under my dump truck where it’s been living ever since. We feed and water it and it’s just happy as can be. I need to take it to the vet very soon to get spayed or neutered. I’m not even sure if it’s a male or female. But I’d like to keep it around to control the mice.

It even rode about 5 miles down the road once inside the car. We took off to visit a friend and got there and heard it meowing. Sure enough, it was up in the car in the engine bay. We got it out and drove it back home.
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