Ruger P85

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    Ok the Ruger P85 won't win any beauty contests but anyone have experience with one ? A local pawn shop has a couple of them and its giving me the buying itch. I've heard they are just a good, simple workhorse.
  1. bberg100

    bberg100 Moderator

    Lousy trigger, otherwise solid. I shot a bowling pin league with one for a couple years.
  2. Ruger doesn't make them anymore. The P85 is probably one of Ruger's first intro's into the semi-auto line up. Should be becoming a collector's item if it isn't already.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I wouldn't mind picking one up just to have.
  4. my dad did, may still own one. I never fired it, but I didn't like the ergonomics in hand. felt clunky to me.
  5. It’s a brick for sure.
  6. Champion of Capua

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    I had a P89 (9mm) for years and was very happy with it, but as a starving student in college I had to sell it. As bberg100 states, not the best trigger. To the best of my knowledge super reliable though. I remember Massad Ayoob said their praises quite often and that was good enough for me.
  7. I had a friend buy one back in the "day" when they first came out and the front sight flew off with the first shot!! Man, that was funny!! :p

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