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Rubberset 200-5 Revitilization

I picked this guy up a couple weeks ago with the hope that there was life left in it. This brush looked like it had been abused at some point in its life. Not 100% positive, but I'm sure it had touched paint at some point in its life. It took some elbow grease to get out a lot of the scratches and gouges and to make it shine. I think it came out just fine.

I chose to fill the handle with epoxy and some BBs to give this large brush some heft. The knot is a Maggard 30mm SHD fan knot. Hasn't touched water yet, but can't wait to try it out.

Rubberset 200-5.jpg
Looks great. I’ll be watching this thread to see what you think of the knot, I don’t have one of their SHD badgers and intend to add it to my collection.
Thanks all. Used it this morning and it was heaven. It bloomed very nicely with just one use. I'll try to get pictures up later or it bloomed.

The bloom after just one use. These are very amazing knots and I highly recommend them to anyone considering them.
Thanks for the post. It looks great! I'm in the midst of refurbishing a similar brush and trying to determine which know to use.