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Rozsutec Hone


Anyone familiar with these? Everything I have read says these are all over the place as far as what they are good for…and not so capable of. The concept of a Slovakian stone caught my interest so I bought one just because. I’m hoping to use it kind of like a coticule. If necessary I’ll be incorporating a DMT plate as a slurry stone, unless I can find something better to use.
Ive had one for about a year and enjoy it. Out of my hoard of sharpening stones it is one of the most unique to use and I keep pulling it out to experiment. It was pretty cheap, came flat/chamfered both sides, has an unique history/story, is super hard, has a fairly wide range from maybe 3-8k, and seems to cut shallow and slow. I have one side I keep roughed up with a XC dmt and have used for slurry experiments: self slurry, king 1k, coticule, 1 jnat, thuringian, even crOX. Coticule slurry works well and turns grey about the same speed as on a coticule but with the nice large flat work area. Ive even used the side of the stone on hatchets and axes as a final polisher for fun as that was the orginal use for this stone.

The other side is kept very smooth and is quite slow, think similar speed to a well used black arkansas. 800grit WD buffing every other sharpening helps. It can make a decent shaving edge that could be compared to coticule shaves. I wouldnt recommend it for a final finisher stone however and more for a unique natural midrange stone to play with.
I have one that was (very) recently given to me. I've only used it a few times so far, but my thoughts would echo very closely what @ables said above.

It's a very hard stone, and quite slow. Mine rolls in the region of 4-6k at a guess, but it's so hard that you could use it to finish finer if you burnish the surface. It gives the impression of being quite a difficult stone to use, but actually isn't, and leaves very nice edges.

I just gave it a whirl with coticule slurry. Getting HHT like this on a kitchen knife is no mean feat... it's a good stone :).

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