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Royall - Rugby

I'm interested in this product. However, it is listed as an "Eau de Toilette." I'm one who does not wear cologne. I do not want a cologne; I want an aftershave. I simply do not want an overpowering smell that leaves my house and office smelling like a department store.

That being said, can someone fill me in and tell me if Royall Rugby can be used as an aftershave? To be frank, I'm not too sure what an "Eau de Toilette" is. I always assumed it was a cologne.

Does Royall Rugby smell good, and if so, how would you describe it? Does it fill up the room and is overly domineering? I remember walking in my local mall and being able to smell Abercrombie & Fitch from the opposite end -- I do not want that!:302:
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