royal copenhagen cologne/as??

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    anyone use this stuff? used to be very popular in the 80's, i wore it often and got many compliments. smelled some the other day and while not "knock you down strong", it seemed different than the stuff 30 years ago.
    could it just be a "worn out scent" like brut or english leather that so many folks used at one time that the fragrance just got old?
    whadda y'all think?
  1. Ahh... Royal Copenhagen. I hadn't had a bottle in a long time and my wife suggested to me a couple of months ago that I should purchase another one. To me, it's wearable, but nothing to write home about.

    On the other hand, it is one of the, if not the, favorites of my wife. She loves it when I wear the stuff and if it was up to her that would be about all I'd wear. I've also received numerous compliments on it.

    If I recall correctly, it seems that the newer version may not be as strong or last as long as the original. It's still pretty stout though and I certainly wouldn't over apply. It's easily had and not expensive at all.
  2. Yea my dad and grandfather wore it for years. I am going to pick up a bottle for myelf for old times sake.
  3. Royal Copenhagen was suggested to me years ago by a former girlfriend who just loved the scent.:w00t:

    Years later I had other lady friends tell me I smelled like a "Dentist Office".:001_huh:
  4. I wore Royal Copenhagen the year I worked in Prague. Never was complimented on it, and frankly I felt it was a disaster. The fragrance was very thick and sweet, yet not oriental. I guess the closest comparison I could make to it is Clubman aftershave, but I prefer the Clubman. It struck me as a barbershop scent. Although I'm not sure what country the barber is from. Denmark, perhaps?

  5. ... so I picked up some RC & RC Musk EDC's, FUGGETABOUTIT :thumbdown, smells BAD, had that cat P*ss smell that doesn't go away. Used it for 2or 3 weeks and it didn't get any better, could have been a bad bottle but I doubt it. I haven't opened the RC Musk yet, using Perry Ellis Signature 25th Anniversary :thumbup1:, another old time favorite and it doesn't disappoint, good thing picked up 5 bottles.
  6. It was my favorite cologne when I was 12 or so.:laugh:
    Haven't smelled it since. Now I'm curious.
  7. Everytime I see or hear about Royal Copenhagen I'll always remember my dad having a bottle. He had a few other scents like Old Spice and Brut but I think the Royal Copenhagen was his favorite. I've come close many times to buying a bottle to reminisce but have never pulled the trigger.
  8. I have always loved Royal Copenhagen. I recently just bought another bottle of the AS (I always preferred it to the cologne) and will wear it often. It may be out of style, but so are most things I am, do, and wear.
  9. ShaverGN

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    I have a rather large bottle that was given to me for free with some other purchase. When I recently used it, my wife asked if I dipped into her body powder. It has a very sweet and powder scent.
  10. I was never that much of a fan of Royal Copenhagen cologne in the early 1980's. I remember being very happy when I finally finished the bottle. Grey Flannel and Paco Rabanne were my favorites back then and I still like them today. Grey Flannel comes on strong but the dry down is fantastic, while Paco starts great and continues that way. I first started wearing cologne in the 1970's (English Leather and then graduated to Aramis in college).
  11. This was my favorite cologne was I was a kid in high school. I bought a bottle of it last year but seems to me they have changed the formula down through the years. Loved the stuff, but dries down to almost a baby-powder scent.
  12. That seems to be the case with alot of the older fragrances for men. According to Basenotes, the parent company was Swank, and they sold it to Perfumania:
  13. I like the cologne alright. I give it a 7 out of 10.
  14. To my nose RC smells just like a freshly opened box of diapers, clean ones but diapers none the less. Plastic and powder.
  15. I bought a bottle of the RC Musk Aftershave and it is fantastic! Very long lasting, unique aroma.
  16. The reviews on Amazon for the RC Musk cologne are excellent and at $17.99, it's cheaper there than Perfumania. If it's that good, I might buy the aftershave on Fragrancenet for $12.74 and extend the scent hours later with the cologne.

    I'm still looking for a musk that smells like the one Pierre Cardin discontinued decades ago with that very distinctively shaped bottle.
  17. Bump!
    I really enjoy Royal Copenhagen. It's a challenging scent for sure. People say, "oh it smells like baby powder". Sure. And Dior Sauvage smells like Pledge, Old Spice smells like old man, and Fahrenheit smells like gasoline. People find one aspect of a scent that comes across weird and then they snap judge the whole thing. It's exhausting! I get that it's old school, but I think it's unique, interesting and complex. Sometimes it even comes across a little stanky to me, but that's what I like about it. Great scents are never ones that just smell "nice" and that's it. All the memorable ones have something about them that's a tad bit off, but have something clean or fresh that balances it out. A great scent takes you to the edge of taste, then pulls back into something pleasant.

    Personally, I consider it a small act of rebellion to wear a scent that nobody has thought was cool for a long time. Pabst Blue Ribbon was a crap beer not that long ago, now it's a classic bar staple no hipster could live without. Royal Copenhagen has already been resurrected for me, but it's still a secret I don't want everyone to find out about. It's cool, it's retro, it doesn't give a damn. No one is going to mistake for Dior, but if you open your mind, it's a pretty pimp scent.
  18. My husband introduced me to Royal Copenhagen Musk.... I like that smell much better than the straight Royal Copenhagen. They are both hard to find, and the smell is not quite the same as it was before it's originating parent company Swank sold the manufacturing license to Five Star Fragrances after decades of popularity.
  19. If you are looking to restock, Scented Monkey online has the best prices I've come across. It has changed since the Swank days. I have a small bottle of it and they've swapped some key ingredients. These ingredients are either unavailable from suppliers, banned by regulators, too expensive or deemed less appealing to today's market. I actually prefer the current formulation, believe it or not. It's just a little fresher and more wearable for me.

    Also, I believe the splash bottles and spray versions are slightly different. I have RC Musk in both versions and I have put them on opposite wrists. I'm not sure their reasoning. I think the splash goes on stronger but fades quicker. The spray seems to have better longevity. I use both!

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