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Round point to a square point?

I have a Kropp that near the round point there is some cracks and black spots. The rest of the blade is in superb condition. I still shave with (honed it this morning) and looks great. To cut of the round point to make it a square would a dremel and a cutting disk suffice? Would this cause damage to the rest of the blade or warp it due to the heat? If i can use this, what steps afterwards would I take to make it look nice?
A dremel will work. You will only need to be careful about heat near the edge. I would use a spray bottle to keep cooling the blade as you cut. You should be able to pretty it up with wet/dry sandpaper.
how do you hold the blade on ice cubes as you cut???
I rub the blade back and forth across the cube until it 'form fits'.
Use a towel to lay around the razor to hold it in place.
A dremel will make quick work of the cut and the cube will keep the edge cool during the cut.
Use some water or a wet towel too if you need.
You want to avoid overheating the edge. Not likely you'll warp the blade.
I don't know about that but as you grind the thin steel by the edge grind parallel to the spine to edge, meaning don't grind sideways or you risk breaking the steel.
I clamp the blade in a vice with wood sides edge down, I place a paper towel soaked on top of the razor and spine, I make sure there is some water on the spine, if the water starts to evaporate I spray everything and start again.
Hmm never thought of doing that. I will try it out and post the before and after pics. Thanks for the info.
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