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Rough day

I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a truck ,that came back to run over my left knee for good measure. I needed to get the garden cleaned up. Our hours are cut 20% so the garden is needed more than usual this year. And of course the weather has made getting a garden out a challenge this year. I managed to get the garden weeded tomatoes and cukes planted. Even finding plants has been a challenge this year. Even though I hurt all day there were some good things, my green beans that a rabbit had eaten the leaves off are recovering. (Fried rabbit goes good with fresh collard greens and kale 😁) I found some nice tomato plants . Since I had a fire going to burn some fallen limbs supper was locally made Brats cooked over a fire . I ended the day with a nice shave some sweet tea and a dose of tylenol
Thanks for letting me vent
Have a blessed evening