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ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

2 miles

A mild evening with a haze in the air, the early moon shrouded in a blue veil. It had become a Will-o'-the-wisp on my return and I caught the planget call of a buzzard, maybe setting out on one last crepuscular hunt. The run was very good.

@TinyT how of curiosity, how prevalent the use of miles as a measurement is in the UK?
It's the standard for distances involving geography and motoring. Speed limits on the roads are and have always been in MPH. A car would be described as having a top speed of 150mph. If I describe a distance I would say London is about 100 miles away from Norwich or the post office is half a mile down the road. We turned metric sometime during the 1970's but not entirely, apart from with money. Small distances are described in either cm or inches, pretty much interchangeably. The height of people is almost always described using feet and inches, hardly ever metres. Likewise, the weight of people in stones rather than kg or pounds.

When it comes to running we now use both miles and km. I can grasp a distance in miles more easily and I think most people in the UK are the same. It's fashionable now to say 'I did a 5k' but I'd need to convert that to miles to really appreciate it as a distance. In athletics, we use metric for everything apart from the marathon (twenty six and a quarter miles). When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile he was a 1500m runner, like Steve Cram or Seb Coe.
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2 miles

The sky was like a grey, wet blanket but the final run of the week was very good indeed! I'm hitting my stride now. My running style has evolved into a relaxed, easy going lope. Even the technically challenging downhills on an uneven surface are enjoyable. And it's all happening with seemingly little effort and, most importantly, no pain.


Commander Quan

Commander Yellow Pantyhose
I'm training for a half marathon on 5/2, a sprint distance triathlon on 5/23 and hopefully a few more tris including an Olympic distance this summer as they get the permits finalized.

Distance is coming along.
1/31 5 miles 54:25
2/02 4 miles 41:00

Commander Quan

Commander Yellow Pantyhose
Evening Run around the indoor track. 3.1 miles 31:32

That was after an 800 yard swim in the morning, and a 12.5 mile bike in the afternoon.
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