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ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

1.71 miles

Very cold but another excellent run. Same solid pace throughout, regardless of gradient and everything felt good as gold!

Hey Tiny do you have other routes of different distances drawn up for when you're ready? I used to have a out and back three miler with a substantial hill. It was a hard grade but less so and longer than the other one in my bag but both were the same elevation climb. Then a 4.2 miler that included both, a 10k that had the first hill in it and finally a mostly flat, not completely, 4 miler that was in the state park. I would run that one in the summer about an hour and a half before they closed at sunset, 8 and later, then jump into the springs for my cool down. I'd usually have the whole place to myself. Awesome. Any longer runs were among a handful of different ones.
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