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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse' started by Seraphim, Aug 14, 2015.

    Amen to that! Even a shower doesn't stop the flow.
  1. Nice run this morning. The temp was in the low 80s and the humidity was less than 60%.
    Ran through the neighborhood to St Charles Avenue and then up the streetcar tracks to Audubon Park. Very scenic run.
  2. 5 km very close to the house this evening after a 20 minute lap swim. Sub nine minute miles, especially after a swim, makes me happy. 76/96%/NE8 in light rain. Triathlon mid-Sept. Just want to stay injury free now.
  3. AA0E96B7-4563-47EC-B2B5-6AD7EC8B4C4E.jpeg 301F3F78-A626-4E62-9826-FF70532084C0.jpeg DD5F6394-72AD-4EF4-A782-A91AEDCA8650.jpeg Haven’t run in a couple weeks, as my kids have taken up tennis and have been making me play.

    But, a business trip to Japan allowed me to get in a 5 miler this morning. Lake Suwa and Takeshima castle. View is from breakfast at the hotel afterwards
  4. Love the way you travel, man! Nothing gets you acquainted with a city better than throwing on your running shoes and heading out!

    5K at home this evening. Overcast, but 83 degrees and 78% humidity had me suffering from the start.
  5. Friday five Carrie no fun run. 84°/72%/NE8. Done running for another three or four days!
  6. 3.75 miles yesterday. Trying to get back on schedule
  7. Lol...that was Friday 5K. Looking forward to some cooler runs in New England...
  8. A quick 2 miler yesterday morning
  9. 60AE4355-E401-4BDA-9855-A7E1AA37B9AA.jpeg 01404F10-0DCE-4D80-8F23-35D5877C28F8.jpeg 381217FA-C063-45D6-ADF7-1BC57F9C9AC2.jpeg 7B9A688F-10D3-4193-8C10-3338607A92F3.jpeg Back in Boston. 85/61%/W10. Hot? Hell no! Plenty of shade in the Back Bay in the Common and Public Garden. Fun to be back! 5K in a couple laps around/through.
  10. Welcome to Beantown!
  11. Thanks! Love this city, especially when the goal is summertime fun!
  12. Short on time this week, so I snuck in a quick 2+ miles just to keep myself moving.
  13. 17192CE6-C0F4-45A3-B379-29392EA98899.jpeg BA879839-A307-4684-B8A1-98ACA1668C50.jpeg
    Finally got a second vaca run in. Cedar Lake in the Cockaponset Forest in Chester, CT. Beautiful scenery, cool canopy, still old and slow! 68/87%/calm. Nice lake swim cool down.
  14. First run back home. 5K before voting and work. 80-82%/83-77%/E7. Need more running time as it looks as though the tri swim isn't going to happen.
  15. 2.5 miles this morning. Hadn’t run in weeks and felt it!
  16. 5K after rain. 75 degrees, but 95% humidity. Finding out tomorrow if we are getting in the water on tri day or running the "swim" leg.
  17. Mid morning 5K. 85°/76%/SE5. Yeah. Pretty brutal. But it is done!
  18. My schedule has changed and impinged on my running. I'm now down to trying to squeeze in a couple of 2.5 milers a week.
  19. Friday 5K last evening right after the rain. Temp rose from 81/84. Ugh.

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