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ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

Swap ‘em. No question!

83-87/73-62%/W7. Oppressive. Feels like 95. Begs the question, “Why?” [Actually, every run seems to bring that question to mind.]

Welp, afternoon rain brought the temp down to 75 and the sun was hidden. By the time I got home and slapped my running shoes on, though, the sun was on its way back out. The other excuse? A 5K run takes less than 30 mins and it’s done!
I haven't checked in here for a while. My running was sporadic through the winter and spring, but I am doing 2.5-3 miles almost every day for the last month. I'm getting back in the game.
Wear ‘em out!

Fell asleep waiting for the temperature to come down a bit. Finally went out at 8:50 PM and it was still 85° and 73% humidity. There will be no cool weather runs between now and my September triathlon. 5K.
Up early to meet the garbage man and threw on the running shoes. Started at about 6:45. R calf was grumpy a quarter mile in and quit at 2.1. Strava abandoned my workout shortly after. Ended up running an extra half after walking home. Call it a very slow 3.6 miles. 74/99%/ENE5. Not very promising with a tri in just over 2 months.
30 minutes on the street and up the streetcar tracks at about 10 minutes/ mile.
I've been struggling with heat and humidity and motivation his summer.
Cooler, but higher humidity. 5K. 84/77%/NW4. I have large drops of sweat coming off both elbows, chin, and nose; faster than the drip from my bathroom faucet that my mother-in-law badgers me about!
I enjoyed the couple of 5K runs I took in New Orleans, but it was in December a few years ago. It has to be just as brutal there in Summer as it is here in SWFL.