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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse' started by Seraphim, Aug 14, 2015.

    Swap ‘em. No question!

    83-87/73-62%/W7. Oppressive. Feels like 95. Begs the question, “Why?” [Actually, every run seems to bring that question to mind.]

    Welp, afternoon rain brought the temp down to 75 and the sun was hidden. By the time I got home and slapped my running shoes on, though, the sun was on its way back out. The other excuse? A 5K run takes less than 30 mins and it’s done!
  1. 5K around Osaka castle this morning. Nice place for a run
  2. B819DE49-C230-4C96-AC88-78F889F186A0.jpeg Another castle 5K
  3. I haven't checked in here for a while. My running was sporadic through the winter and spring, but I am doing 2.5-3 miles almost every day for the last month. I'm getting back in the game.
  4. E0D6A638-11D4-4F6A-B38D-45F1CAD9E516.jpeg Got my new shoes. Mizuno Wave Sky 2

    Put 5k on them to start
  5. Wear ‘em out!

    Fell asleep waiting for the temperature to come down a bit. Finally went out at 8:50 PM and it was still 85° and 73% humidity. There will be no cool weather runs between now and my September triathlon. 5K.
  6. F7C58570-CA70-4F11-ADC9-61B4D8C8E455.jpeg 4 miles by a fogged in Lake Sebago in Maine this morning
  7. 0DA8FA04-0B52-48B3-BDDD-9414CCED8E35.jpeg
    Up early to meet the garbage man and threw on the running shoes. Started at about 6:45. R calf was grumpy a quarter mile in and quit at 2.1. Strava abandoned my workout shortly after. Ended up running an extra half after walking home. Call it a very slow 3.6 miles. 74/99%/ENE5. Not very promising with a tri in just over 2 months.
  8. 5k. Didn’t leave the home block. Did intervals in the heat. Calf held up! 87/66%/E6
  9. C05AE5E4-608B-4893-8F1A-CC3595D746FA.jpeg 5K Sun
    5K today

    The wheat fields of Concord in the morning sun
  10. 30 minutes on the street and up the streetcar tracks at about 10 minutes/ mile.
    I've been struggling with heat and humidity and motivation his summer.
  11. Cooler, but higher humidity. 5K. 84/77%/NW4. I have large drops of sweat coming off both elbows, chin, and nose; faster than the drip from my bathroom faucet that my mother-in-law badgers me about!
  12. 33 hot and sweaty minutes. The kind of sweaty where you need to wring your gear out after.
  13. Only a quick 2.5 miles this morning...overslept
  14. 30 minutes. Up to Tulane University. Air was so thick I needed a knife to cut through it.
  15. I enjoyed the couple of 5K runs I took in New Orleans, but it was in December a few years ago. It has to be just as brutal there in Summer as it is here in SWFL.
  16. Got it done. It's the kind of day where you're wiping the sweat out of your eyes while sitting on the porch putting on your shoes.
  17. 3.5miles, low humidity
  18. Super sweaty, super submax 5K
  19. 3 sweaty miles. The most annoying is that it takes forever to stop sweating after the run.

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