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ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

In the common vein of "Shave of the Day" et al. let's see what you guys are up to on your jogging regime!


Since we probably all use different running apps, etc. Just do a screen grab, or simply type in your stats.

Here's my run from this morning to get the ball rolling.


Somehow Strava missed .4 miles and a few minutes, according to my Garmin watch. Run was actually 5 miles. Avg closer to 9 min/mile. First road run this year.

Strava estimates my bicycling calories just about right (usually just a little under) but wildly overshoots my running calories burned, as compared to my Polar HRM.

I did a nice sunset 5k run with the bride tonight. A late afternoon rainstorm sucked most of the humidity out of the air, making a nice treat for summer running in SWFL.
5 miles on the treadmill, 9min/mile pace while watching BlueBloods...I could run forever watching that show for some reason
I had some good intentions today. But working for nearly 24 hours straight, high humidity, and swarms of deer flies killed my mojo pretty fast. Nice to be back in the woods at least.

Strava cheated me out of about a mile. It put my finish down in the lower little loop when it was actually at the road crossing. Was about a 9:45 avg. nice to beback in the woods with no bugs biting.

$image.jpg $image.jpg
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