Rotbart Mond Extra PIF

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Space_Cadet, Feb 19, 2019.

    This is a PIF for a German-made Rotbart Mond Extra no.15 razor.
    It's a great shaver, and many consider it a masterpiece, but for me it's just a little bit too aggressive. My loss is your gain. The razor is in good condition and with an original box. The PIF is open to everyone.

  1. PeteVK

    PeteVK Contributor

    I'm in, that razor looks like a beauty, thank you for the opportunity!
  2. I am certainly in.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
  3. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    From what I've heard of them I'd love to try it.

    I'm in!

    Thanks for the chance!
  4. Tommy Tutone

    Tommy Tutone Contributor

    Not in, but that is a sweet razor and very generous offering :001_smile
  5. I'm in. Thanks!
  6. I'm in. Thanks!
  7. I’m in ! Thx for this!
  8. Gorgeous - I'm in!
  9. Fantastic Pif . I am in.
  10. Looks great, thanks for the nice pif, I’m in! I would love to try that razor.
  11. I’m in. Thanks!
  12. bobmsp

    bobmsp Contributor

    Beautiful PIF and I'm tempted, but I'm respectfully not in. (My inventory count would be going in the wrong direction if I won.)
  13. REV579

    REV579 Contributor

    I'm in, without hesitation.
  14. L.A. Jones

    L.A. Jones Contributor

    I'm in.
  15. I would love to try that razor. Thank you very much for the generous offer. I'm in.
  16. I'am in as well. Would love to try something of this brand.
    Regardless of who wins, thanks for the PIF.
  17. I'd love to try that one out. I'm in, thanks!
  18. Always wanted to try one. I am in and thanks for your generosity.
  19. Had that on my list for a long time. I'm in, thanks.

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