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“Rotations” ? Totally Unnecessary.

If you want to have a connection to a manly past, then keep it simple. It’s all you need, and you’ll have a fatter wallet

I couldn't agree more. And one pair of shoes, socks and a shirt (wash them each night). One meal every night - chicken, prepared the exact same way. One book - read it over and over.

Or consider Einstein:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

If this works for you I am delighted. The fact that you have appointed yourself the keeper of all things "manly" (whatever that might infer) makes me a little sad. These are decisions each man must make for himself. My joy is in my hands, not yours.

Do enjoy your method, as I will enjoy mine. I wish you only the best.
In all seriousness to the OP, that mindset is pretty great. Nothing wrong at all with finding what works and sticking with it.

As for what my grandfather would think, well... his straight razor was my first "big boy" razor although I've no idea when he used it last. He used an electric as long as I ever knew him. But he had enough fishing hats and ball caps that he could wear a different one every day for a month. Not to mention 10 cane poles and a shelf full of lures carefully kept in cleaned up Skoal tins (where he got them I have no clue because he never touched tobacco or alcohol for that matter). My dad, well, he hasn't shaved since Jimmy Carter was president, so he views the entire process with suspicion. But he does have at least one of every 18v tool Makita ever made, and multiples of some of them. So...
One razor, one brush, one type of blade, and William's Mug soap is all I use.

I do enjoy variety in my food.

Red Beans and rice with cream corn and canned pears
Black Beans and rice with gold corn and canned peaches
Pinto Beans and rice with peas and canned pineapples
Brown beans and rice with lentils and canned fruit salad.

You'd think I'm getting ready for an apocalypse since I have a six-month supply of food and about 50 years of shaving stuff. My bills are also paid ahead for a full year now.
How far back in your manly past have you gone?

You might want to be careful because at some point you'll come to the era when manly men just hand lathered a bar of hand soap to shave with so you'll need to chuck out your brush and TWO (what a luxury for a manly man of the past!) shave soaps, and start shaving with a carbon steal blade (none of this fancy stainless steal, platinum coated mumbo jumbo!).

Then when you get even further back in the manly past you might get a bit confused because manly men went to the barber for a hot towel shave and while they were there the barber would give them a facial and head/shoulder message or other similar treatments (still provided in a lot of traditional Turkish and British barbers and being able to give a facial is even part of some US state barber license requirements).
This "manly man" guff is laughable, especially when used to refer to something as mundane as shaving. I've been using a Fatboy for decades, one brush for fifty years, one brand of blades, the same shaving bowl, blade bank. I rotate through a number (less than 10) of soaps and creams and (less than five) aftershaves. I'm content. I look with wonder at other guys' collections of brushes or razors, but these men are collectors. More power to them. I collect books on Roman ecclesiastical architecture; "manly" enough for you? Or should I throw them all but one away?


"Just Call Me Billy"
Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe.
Trust me when I say this: until you CAN'T breathe, that is all that is important!

And @ibuzzard : you are absolutely korreck. My Dad would think I was the king of the girly pants would be men if he saw my posts. I would NEVER hear the end of talking about aftershave.

I'm certain he just slapped on something he felt like wearing and mom had better dang well compliment him on it!
I tried to be a minimalist but got bored with only 1 razor and bought a few more for variety purposes. I also have only 2 style of brushes(but 24 different color variations of 1 version). My interest in shaving changed a chore to a fun hobby.


"Just Call Me Billy"
When you were young and your heart was an open book, you used to say live and let live.
You know you did, you know you did, you know you did.
But if this ever changing world in which we're living makes you give in and cry ...
"It's a big enough umbrella, but it's always @ibuzzard that ends up getting wet."

You guys are krackin' me up!

If he said he only used Arko he'd have DEFINITELY crossed your imaginary line!
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