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I have pared down the razors to a core rotation. This was an experiment I did over the pandemic as this allowed me time to consistently use a DE. Prior to the pandemic I threw in a cartridge razor to handle the hustle and bustle. But now, I have enough flexibility that my work schedule no longer dictates my shave.

Here is what I landed on, still can be tweaked a bit, but this has stood the test of the last few months. The size of it is controlled by the space on the shelf.

Red-Handled Super Speed
Flat-bottom Tech w/ Fat Handle
English No date code Ball-end Tech
Raised Flat-bottom NEW w/ Ball-end Handle
English Flat-bottom NEW w/ Ball-end Handle
NEW LC w/ Bar Handle
Goodwill (more common NEW variant) w/ Ball-end Handle
"Guest" spot, currently occupied by a Canadian Pre-War Tech w/ Fat Handle

I have a fair number of other razors, but I find that I really gravitate to the NEW or Tech variants. Generally, I have found that those 3-piece razors give the smoothest and closest shaves as they are adjustable and fairly mild by design. I can dial-up the last pass or touchup to give me a BBS.

Hopefully this is helpful to the new shavers out there. While it is fun to experiment, these are the ones I keep coming back to when I want to get a BBS without a lot of drama.

These are blades I typically use, they work in any of the razors above. They all give me that BBS at a cost of .03 to .05 per shave.
Gillette 7 o'clock Platinum (India Black Box)
Personna Med Prep
SuperMax Blue Diamond
King C Gillette Platinum
Brother Floppy,

That's a mighty impressive list of DE razors. You've captured some of "the best of the best."

BTW you probably mean the Red Tip Super Speed, not the red handled Super Speed.
Those are some very nice razors, sir. I've got several of them & would agree with their deserving spots in any den.
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