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Rotation or dedication?

Rotation or dedication?

  • Orderly rotation

    Votes: 14 14.6%
  • Random rotation

    Votes: 63 65.6%
  • Dedication to one product until its gone

    Votes: 18 18.8%
  • Tracked

    Votes: 8 8.3%
  • Not tracked

    Votes: 17 17.7%

  • Total voters
Until recently, I was dedicated to two razors (both used for the same shave, one after the other), one brush, one soap, and one blade brand. Then, RAD, BAD, and a host of other disorders hit... mostly due to the villainous cabal of tireless enablers on this forum! :wink2:

Now, I'm rotating four razors, three brushes, three soaps, and two blade brands in an orderly rotation.

I have two new razors and two new brushes on the way, so I suspect that my rotation will probably be expanding soon.
For the most part, I randomly rotate razors with each blade change (usually weekly). For soaps, I have three go-to soaps (plus others). I choose the one that I think will go best with the aftershave I decide to use that day.
Rotation, because the whole acquisition disorder thing struck. It was just innocent curiosity and desire to experiment, but it's been getting out of hand. Problem is, I like almost everything I've got recently, but I want to pare it down eventually to just a few favorite things.

I will probably join the 2020 sabbatical and maybe do a few PIFs.
Do you track your usage of soft product? And if so, how and why?
Yes, I track, in a shave journal. I notate razor used, blade and shave count, soap or cream, brush and method of lathering, and aftershave. I rarely use a pre-shave product, but when I do, I note it in the comments, where I also rate the shave and if was comfortable, or did I cut and irritate myself.

Why? I found it's a good way to track what I use. I voted random rotation, but looking through my journal I can see where certain items get stuck in rotation--usually brushes--as well as what on the shelf isn't getting used.


I will pretty much use one razor and blade for the week with soap, brush and AS changing everyday (usually selected the night before the shave). I think scent is almost as important as performance for me. As far as eating (particularly at a good restaurant) I believe the chef took the time to combine tastes and textures that would complement one another. I tend to shovel a bit of everything on the plate onto the fork. Thanksgiving dinner is a prime example as I believe that turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce should be consumed simultaneously.
I only use one razor (no interest in trying another!) and, for the most part, one blade. I use two soap bases and a different synthetic brush for each, with several scents per base (4 of soap A, 3 of soap B). I use the same base/brush for at least a week at a time, and the same scent for at least a couple days at a time. I favor different scents in the warmer months, and others in the colder months. On the increasingly rare occasions I shave at the gym (probably been more than a month since the last dance), I will use a third brush with a cream.

I voted orderly rotation. The only aspect of my routine that seems random is the selection of my base, but this is driven by what I happen to be reading at the time. I only used my French soaps when reading Les Misérables, only used my Italian soaps when reading The Betrothed, and mostly used my French soaps with an Italian flirtation when reading Anna Karenina (which I finished last night).
I pick one razor at random to use for the life of a blade (average 5-6 shaves with a DE, more with an SE).


B&B shave journal? Is that something online? What app do you use?
The very best shave journal I could possibly imagine was created by one of our B&B Friends @Canadian Mountain Man , Kal.

It looks a bit overwhelming but with the limited products you have it’ll be easy to get a great start!

Go to the search function and enter:

Templates for Daily Shave Log and Shave Hardware & Software Directory
I use a razor for a week and then change the blade and may go to another razor. Although I have been spoiled with my Timeless Ti .68SB and tend to gravitate towards it as my daily driver. As for soaps/creams, I often change those daily depending on my mood for the day. My stash consists of 10 creams and 11 soaps for now. Normally I only use two Brands of blades and have enough of those to last my lifetime. I have 4 brushes and tend to only use one everyday. Aftershaves are limited to three and depending on the soap/cream of the day merits the aftershave I use. I wish I had the willpower to stick with one product until it’s gone, but alas there are so many choices and so little time, so why not shake it up.
I voted for dedicated.

For soaps, I'll use the same one until it's gone. Seeing the soap ring form and the bottom of the tub is satisfying. My razor choice depends on stubble length. I'll use a mild razor for daily shaves and use my more aggressive razor for anything after 48 hrs.
I do a mix of orderly and random rotations.

For soaps, I go based off their location. I'll go around in clockwise motion from one soap to another.

For blades, I go in random rotations. If I feel risky, I'll pick one that I haven't used before or that I know it's not the best. If I want a great shave, I'll probably go with the Astra's.

For brushes, I go one by one by the type of bristles like badger, synthetic, boar, and etcs. Right now I've been in a SHD badger phase so I'm sorely using them. But soon, I'll get back into the rotation.

For aftershaves, I usually just stick to Thayer's WH + Aloe Vera. Nice and simple.
I am currently using my last puck of Van der Hagen soap. I am considering trying the shaving soaps from Vermont Country Store.

I rotate the following items in my shaving:

Razors: Van der Hagen and Merkur 1904
A / S: Switch daily between Pinaud Clubman and Pinaud Vegatal.
Brush: Omega 1126 for all shave soap / cream application.
Blades: Whatever randomly comes out of the container of wrapped blades
I've found stuff that works for me and I stick to it rigidly. Occasionally I will try a different stuff, but am usually disappointed
When it comes to soap I usually do my main shave of the day with my Tabac stick, but I do like to mix it up every now and then using my Palmolive and Arko sticks. I have reason to believe that Christmas will expand my soap options so I think this irregular, urge-driven rotation may develop into full blown "random rotation" before long.

For the sake of improving my technique I'm a single razor person, but as this is an adjustable it does allow an occasional cost-free experiment with a different plate. Blade-wise I'm very happy with silver stars - they tick all the boxes for me - but occasionally I try one of my remaining sample-pack blades or take a nibble out my residual stash of Shark SS. I think it's interesting to do this every so often, just to see if my opinion on these blades has changed at all.

I do have two brushes - a WS boar-style brush and an RR Snowman - but the Snowman is so much better that the Wilkie is strictly on emergency standby duty only. The idea of acquiring more brushes doesn't appeal to me; I kind of view a brush like a pair of running shoes - replace it if/when it becomes unusable but until then, why change?