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Rooney Grades

I have just taken an uncontrollable urge to buy a brush. Can anyone explain the grading system which is used by Rooney? Also.....any hints on the knot size of a Style 1 Large. I want something approx 26mm.

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A Rooney style 1 large has a knot diameter of 26 mm..

As for the grading system:

Rooney uses five different grades:

their pure and best are more or less like the best badger of other brands; their silvertip is of a very thin, fine, soft kind whereas their super is the best of their silvertip bundles of badger hair; finally, their finest is resembles the high mountain white of Plisson and the Manchurian badger of Simpsons, although that of Rooney has an extremely white color.

You should also take a look here an click on "more about this brand"

Many thanks....Peter

It was as I suspected. Executive shaving in the UK are selling their Style 1 Large Ebony for the same price I paid for a Small super a few weeks ago. I have jumped!!!!

Best regards
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