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Rooney Genuine Silvertip Small, Style 2

Nice review. I just used my Rooney Style 3 medium super today, and my experiences were quite similar. Unbelievably soft on the face, but fairly moppy. The appearance, however, places it in the top of its class.
I have the Rooney 2 Small Super, and it is indeed a fine brush. Good review. I would like to have also a Rooney 2 Medium Super, but apparently it comes only in Small.
I am thinking of buying this brush, but want to know if it will work well with soaps.

It will work with soaps, but it is a little on the floppy side - better bets are the Style 1 or 3 - the brushes sold by Jim at Vintagebladesllc.com are slightly shorter in loft than standard.
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