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FS Rooney and Beagle

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These are two brushes I just do not use and I know someone would love and use them regularly.

Rooney cost me about $150.00 total it has been re-knotted with a 22mm Shavemac Finest Fan knot by Rudy Vey, I am pretty sure I have only used it twice. Very soft knot. I am asking $100.00

B&B group Buy “Beagle” I bought mostly just to support the group buy. It is a 22mm Shavemac 2 Band Silvertip Fan knot. I have used this brush 3 times, total cost with shipping was $125.00. I am asking $75.00. For someone who likes smaller knots and missed out on the group buy this is your chance.

CONUS only use PayPal for payment please, if sold today will mail out tomorrow, if someone wants both the cost would be $150.00

Thank You in advance.

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