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Rooney 3/3

My wife spoiled me today for my BDay.


This brush feels so luxurious yet has a nice backbone. I think it will be perfect for bowl lathering or soap lathering. I love the size. It fits my hand nicely and the finish is top notch. I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
I tried it out this morning. Whoa...this thing is a hog. I soaked my brush, placed a generous amount of Spieck into a bowl (about twice the amount of what I would normally use), shook the brush a few times and began to lather. The Spieck was instantly sucked right into the brush. The lather was a little watery (without adding any extra water to the bowl), so I added another almond-sized dab of Spieck. This time it turned out just right. Even with all of that cream, there was still very little lather left in my bowl. It was all inside of the brush.

Anyway, the brush felt great. It straddles the line between too stiff and scritchy and too soft. It feels soft but not pillow soft. The weight is substantial, especially when loaded. The handle fits comfortably in my large hands and I had no troubles gripping it or swirling it. I don't have too many high-end brushes to compare it to, but this definitely feels like a solid, well-built brush. I'm still eyeing a Chubby 3, but I'm very pleased with this brush and really glad it's in my rotation. Sorry, forgot about the pics...maybe tomorrow.
Happy Birthday and congratulations on receiving such a lovely gift.

I have a Truefitt & Hill 3/2 so can only imagine the plush density of a 3/3. I think that you'll find that the knot will relax a small bit with use and open up releasing lather a little more easily.
Happy birthday


Nice gift too. She's a keeper.... She doesn't happen to have any sisters does she? :001_tt1:
So here is a side-by-side comparison with my Edwin Jagger Best (size medium). When I went to retrieve my brush, it was still wet (6.5 hours later).

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