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Rookie Grows a Beard

16157253598658969630329444285748.jpg 16157253980396805101887022166939.jpg 16157254195958913529392033200388.jpg

Not the cleanest lines, but I was using a single open window behind me as my single light point. Not bad for 2 weeks.

And a coworker Friday remarked he had just gotten used to me being clean shaven. And now I'm growing it back. I replied I'm still not used to being clean shaven, which is why I'm growing it back.
1616538285494712556299667797993.jpg 16165383080402348686212163938705.jpg 16165383277245591228130947645444.jpg 16165383486119169948297972383166.jpg
It's been a bit, and for that I apologize. Between getting 2 new trucks ready for plumbers and training 3 new guys, plus life at home, I've been away longer than I meant to.

But I'm still happily not shaving and my upper lip couldn't be happier. 23 days I've been growing this now. It's finally with this afternoon's shave looking like a good scruffy. Before it was an unkempt scruffy, as you saw in the pictures.

I'm still pretty impatient with it, and many other things in life. I want the beard I had, darnit! But I'm trying very hard to be more, as my kids would say, more zen about it. So I mildly swear that I could still make out chin skin, breathe deep, and remind myself it's craftsmanship and that takes time and dedication.

But enough front porch philosophy. It's time now to think about where the lines on my new scruff should go! How low to bring the cheeks-line? How about my neck? Deep weighty things to consider. And I welcome any and all thoughts.


Even more clueless than you
It's coming together nicely. You have a good line going. A few more weeks and you will be surprised at the progress.
Got a compliment today. My neighbor was across the street and noticed I'm growing it back. I'm taking that as a compliment anyways.
Well, here we are a month and a day since I started this little adventure. 16173996976653328707370582223535.jpg 16173997203646329294066896476842.jpg 16173997439667055256383409380972.jpg
All in all, I'm pretty happy with the way things are going. I'm happy, I remember my mustache taking much longer to come in. But there it is, thick and strong like the rest of my goatee. Maybe because I was 16 the last time I grew a mustache, or 25 years ago, but I remember it taking much longer to come in and half of forever to thicken.

My cheeks seem to be taking their sweet time, though. My head knows they're not bad. The hair is a lighter tone on my cheeks and my cheeks have never been a ful as my chin. I just compensated with length. But my heart is jumping up and down screaming at my cheeks to hurry and catch up to the rest. My chin can do it! Under my neck can do it in spades! Even my lip, for crying out loud!

So that's where I am a month into this. Looking forward to the next two.
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