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Rookie Gets a Barber Razor

Man, today's shave felt great! I stared with a new blade pulled randomly from the sample bag. I pulled out something with Cyrillic writing on it. First shave was aggressively sharp but just as smooth. That was a fresh tuck, too. I have 4-1/2 blades left. The first shave felt nicer than the Parker, the those tend to need a warmup shave before they're ready.

I messed with angles today. I did the north/ south passes. Then I started swooping the opposite direction of the grain, much how you'd sweep dust from a corner. That really did the trick! Took my shave from good enough to the step below DFS. Not perfect yet, but I think I have a good foundation to work with.

I also used some of my Barberry Coast bay rum cream. I haven't used that since the middle of August. It felt nice to whip it up into a fluffy lather. And some Co9T to end the shave. It was a bay rum day because, well, because I like bay rum.

I hope your days went just as well. 91 left!
Number 91 was a good shave. I kept at the swooping angles, trying to again find the gain with limited angles. Much better than last time. So far, that's the hardest part, trying to figure out how to get the smoothest, most efficient shave from this. But I'm getting better each time.

I think I've about figured out the gist of this. It's about time to start developing and refining techniques. I bet that's where the next 90 shave come into play. Developing that muscle memory, refining that technique.

Shave #2 for the Cyrillic blade. Just as smooth, if not a quarter touch smoother than its first shave. Just have to keep remembering to stretch the skin. And the Henry Cavendish Lavender soap preformed flawlessly with my Smile synthetic. Plus the smell compliments Clubman aftershave, so there's an excuse to wear that.

All in all, a good day in the den! I hope yours are too! And here's to the next 90!
So shave #10 went pretty ok I thought. I'm really starting to feel comfortable using this. I'm almost starting to develop a rhythm. I guess that's why the blade kissed me.

I was trying to figure out how to manipulate my hands or razor or both to go XTG. If I can't get some east west passes on my neck, I'm not even going to be close to DFS. In fact, one of the biggest reasonsI'm looking forward to that new fixed blade style is being able to take the handle to a chop saw if needed.

Anyways, so I'm trying to go XTG and ended up nicking myself. Just a little weeper, didn't even realize I did it when it happened. If I did, I sure wouldn't have used the bay rum! Good lord that burned!

On that note, I really like the Co9T. It's got a great scent and wonderful feel (when you don't nick yourself). But it's my only bay rum aftershave. I know Captain's Choice has a whole line of different bay rums. And if they're as good as Co9T I might want to try their different variations on the theme. But I'm also curious about Pinaud VIBR. Their Clubman aftershave is pretty great and Mrs. Rookie loves it, it goes with all my current soaps. If getting both isn't an option, which route would you choose?

Well, shave #11 humbled me and reminded me to really take my time and think about whatI'm doing. I'll take that lesson into the next 89.
I'm ordering that Falcon fixed handle today! I really have high hopes for that. Not because I think it'll make me any better, but because it'll feel better in my hand. I can use it like how I use knives doing close controlled work.

I'm also going to keep my eyes open for the Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum and glad bottles to store them. I'm happy enough with what I have, this is just a want. Not enough to order, but enough to grab a bottle if I find one in the wild
Today's shave was a very good one. I figured new month, new blade. The other half of the Ladas I think it said? Anyways, that and some Chisled Face citrus soap that lathered like a dream.

It finally clicked for me! Northeast/ southwest is the way to go! Starting up by my ear and working down diagonally left me with my first open blade DFS! Well, that and taking my time paying attention to my blade angles. And it's funny, taking my time and doing it right the first time takes any the same amount of time as rushing then fixing.

And the citrus soap plays very nice with the bay rum. Those two scents compliment each other nicely. And felt a refreshing warming feeling, not a burning hellfire of hotness on my neck.
Now if I can just do this the next 88, I'll be all set!
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Ok, now that felt soooooo much better! That felt right and natural in my hand. Enough heft to let me know it's there, but light and balanced for precise control. That blue folder I think has seen is last shave on my mug.

The blade felt pretty smooth, except where it didn't. Once I started it, it was fine and mowed down facial hair growing since Thursday evening like so many weeds. But starting off, it was a little hesitant. I think it didn't like the inaugural shave such a serious one.

I used an extremely thin lather. Very thin, very wet, and took slick to a new level for me. And the lavender soap does play nicely with Clubman (because I'm ready for Friday).

So all in all, I'm calling shave 12 a success! Just have to keep that going the next 87.
Oh wow! It has been a minute since I've been here! I blame work. In the past 2 weeks, we have picked up significantly. My usual 9.5 hour days have gone to 11 and I'm getting home getting wiped out and beat up. Plus it's the time of the year when family responsibilities increase 10 fold.

Yeah, I'm still loving that Facon. The shape of it, as well as the multiple grip options of the handle is a game changer for me. It's pushing me further. My shaves are getting progressively smoother. I'm feeling more confident following my grain rather than just north/ south passes. And the AC type blades it came with are not only lasting me forever, but are more comfortable as well.

And, just as importantly, I'm really figuring out shave soaps! How and why they're different from creams (as well as each other) and how to get the most from soaps.

I'm still shaving 3 times a week, but over the past couple, I'm enjoying them less. That's only because I lack the energy to really think about it. But in spite of that (or because of it?) I'm getting better shaves!


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Thanks for taking the time to get back to me in your progress with the straight handled barber razor. Hate when OT is not elective, but it’s better than not having enough work. Here’s to brighter tomorrows, a Happy Halloween, and the relaxation one only gets from playing with edged tools.
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