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Ron Diaz rum...way underrated.

Has anyone tried Ron Diaz rum? This stuff is very smooth and not expensive at all(about 13.99 for a 750ml where I live.) I just bought a bottle of Tommy Bahama rum. It was 17.99 and doesn't come close to Ron Diaz. If your looking for a good inexpensive rum buy this (not Captain).

http://www.proof66.com/Images/RonDiaz Gran Reserva Spiced Rum.jpg

I can often pick up Diaz @ $12 for a 1.75 and it's a good friend on our fishing trips for mixing, alongside a nice bottle of bourbon to have with my cigars. I actually prefer it to Morgan, though I haven't tried many other rums so I really don't know much more, but for the price I really haven't had an incentive to try more yet. (gotta get through my bourbon and gin obsessions first I think lol)
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