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Which of you sharp dressed men of Badger & Blade will be the first to sport this seasons fashion trend. lol

We Recruited 5 Real Guys to Wear-Test Bro Rompers. This Is Their Story.
You know, this morning I couldn't decide between the romper, or just going commando in my chaps!

Seriously, I bet women will take to wearing them to good effect.
I had never heard the word "romper" in my life, until this week. Suddenly, I am seeing this everywhere on Facebook. As I gather, it's some kind of viral trend.

I saw a video of the guys from the OP's picture, and it was about trying to normalize non-masculine clothing in men's fashion. I'm all for men dressing in more feminine attire, if they can do it tastefully, (Ezra Furman looks great in lady's clothing, for example.) but this just looks terrible. It isn't even feminine. It just looks like something that a young child would wear.
I live in a college town. I haven't seen these yet, but I have no doubt they'll arrive next Fall. Perhaps they'll replace the man-buns?


Stumpy in cold weather

If it makes you think "but ... but ... I'm trying to FORGET the Seventies!!" .... if it makes you think "but ... but ... I have to strip naked to take a dump!!"


... then NO. Just No.

This isn't "pleats vs. flat-front do what you like". This is "friends don't let friends wear fugly."
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