FS Roller Guard For Gillette Old Type

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    Hello all,

    I have come across a number of NOS Roller Guards. These were an "after market" upgrade to the Gillette Old Type (3-piece short screw). I'm showing as an example an ABC Pocket, but these will work with any Old Type having a short screw cap and removable handle.

    I have a complete razor produced by the same company and it is a delightful shaver... it really does feel like there's no guard as the rolling action is quite smooth.

    You will receive a brand new, in the box, never opened Roller Guard with instruction sheet. The ABC Pocket edition is shown as an example only, you won't get that. These are nearly 100 years old, are silver plated and may be tarnished... I'm afraid to open the box to check each one individually; I'll leave that up to you.

    $25.00 postage paid to any address within the US. Will ship international, but the price will be higher...

    IMG_8529.JPG IMG_8530.JPG IMG_8531.JPG IMG_8532.JPG IMG_8533.JPG IMG_8534.JPG IMG_8535.JPG leaflet.jpg
  1. I'd like 1 please. PM sent
  2. Me too please, from Canada. PM sent
  3. I have two of these still available. Last chance to dance.

    Hell, buy both for 46.00 !!
  4. Most interested. PM sent
  5. sorry, gents... they're all gone
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