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Roku Streaming Apps

I just resurrected an one-year old thread while looking for a thread on Roku (or really, any other streaming device) streaming apps.

I use my Roku quite a bit and enjoy lots of the streaming apps. I find myself watching PlutoTV (CBS's ad-based app) quite a bit for movies and TV shows. I also use Tubi, Freevee, Peacock (NBC's ad-based app), Youtube, PBS, and many other free apps.

Does anyone else use any streaming apps? If so, what are some of your favorites?
I use Netflix for action movies and Frndly for movies more in line with my wife's preferences. Frndly is fairly inexpensive and provides A&E, Hallmark, GAC, and several other channels. Hallmark has continued to go down hill, in my opinion, but the variety of channels gives us some good options. I have access to Amazon, through my prime membership, but typically find the movie I want to watch is not part of prime. I also do not plan to renew the subscription to both Netflix or Prime as the costs are starting to outweigh the benefits for me. I will just rent any new action movies I am interested in through a local Redbox kiosk.
I have a Roku Ultra, a Chromecast Ultra and a Fire TV Cube. All of these devices high-end and are capable of 4K streaming. There are less expensive versions available for each. The one I use 90% of the time is the Roku Ultra. It has the best user interface of the three. I have tried the Apple TV interface at my son-in-law's home, but prefer the Roku. If you are an Apple fanboy, then you might prefer Apple TV.

The individual streaming apps are developed by each streaming channel, so the interface is different for each.

I have Comcast Internet, but dropped the cable TV service as it had hundreds of channels, but few worth watching. I found I can get most of what I want to view on YouTube for free.

Years ago I was a Netflix DVD/BluRay disc subscriber, but after getting the Roku, I dropped the disc subscription and started streaming Netflix. Then as I started to run out of Netflix shows and moves I wanted to watch, I added other channels like Acorn TV, which has shows from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. Most are in English.

When Netflix recently increased their monthly subscription fee, I discontinued my membership. They are begging me to rejoin at half price.

Most of the shows I now watch are foreign language films on the MHz Choice. Parts of these are in English, but most are subtitled. They offer shows from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, etc. They have some great shows, especially murder mysteries, and my language skills are slowly improving.

Since I am an Amazon Prime member, I also have access to the Amazon Prime Video channel. However, be careful with that one as a lot of the videos are teasers to get you to subscribe to other channels. For example, Season 1 of a show will be free on Prime, but if you want to watch Season 2, you will either have to purchase the season for something like $20 or you will have to subscribe the another channel. Another popular scheme is to provide access for a few weeks, but then discontinue it at month's end. Thus, watch out for this "bait and switch" advertising.
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