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Rocky Mountain shave soap, anyone use this before?

I will take that as a no :smile:

It says the wait up to 3 days after payment is received before they ship and so far no notice of payment received or in process. So far they have waited the 3 days before they ship and I hope going through customs from Canada won't take long.

If I get it I will post and tell you what I think.
I wouldn't worry. When you really want something it always takes longer, doesn't it? Looks like a great soap. I bet you're going to love it but let us know.:cool:
Well I got the soap today in the mail. Was a very long wait. But I can say if you like a mint soap the smell from it is strong of mint. Like peppermint.
I can smell the mint through 2 plastic envelops. I am tempted to go use it real quick and see how it does.

I will report back when I have used it
mrob said:
So???? Have you used it yet???:biggrin:

Yes but only with my cartridge razor. I will test it in the morning with the straight razor to see how it does with it.

But what I noticed while using it with the cartridge was it did make some very slick lather. I am no pro at making thick, rich lather but I did get some nice lather from it and it didn't seem to take long.

The scent is peppermint to me. I like it but I noticed after the shave the smell didn't seem to stick around. I guess though if you have a favorite AS or cologne you wouldn't want it to compete with peppermint.

But I guess the short of it so far is, lathers pretty good and provided me with some very slick lather.

I'll report back tomarrow after the SR to see how it does there since that is more important than a cartridge shave.
Well I have used it again and had a hard time with the lather. I found that it did leave your face very slick while its wet which I liked but I could not get a nice thick lather to stay very long. I will have to keep playing with it and see what happens.

Scent is nice in the morning. Its peppermint. It did not last after the shave but I did not mind because I would rather smell my cologne then peppermint + cologne.

Overall I like it but I don't know if I would buy it again mainly because it took little over 2 weeks to get it which sucked IMO.

I'll have to keep playing with the lather though. I think it would be a nice soap if I can get a good lather.
thank you, pitbulls20, for detailed reports, I'm waiting for the end of your series and tracking this soap at eBay ;-)
With an all-natural soap, you're probably not going to get a thick lather that lasts a long time. It will probably have more "air" in the bubles and tend to evaporate faster than what you're used to.

This must be very true because I had a very hard time getting any good lather out of it. Little lather and dried up to fast on my skin.
Has anyone tried their "Shaving Soap"?

I bought some the other day for 4.99 CA. It has a really nice peppermint smell
but boy was it a terrible shave.
I am not sure if it's supposed to be brush lathered or not but it was a TERRIBLE shave either way.

I first tried brush lathering and by the time I had finished one side of my face the foam had deflated from the other side completely.

I tried applying it directly do my face like a shave stick, no real difference.

Anyways it left my chin very raw for the next hour or two.
It was so bad I threw it out.

Now there are some shave soaps that I don't like that I will keep around just for variety sake but this soap was so bad it's not worth anything as a shave soap.

I am interested if anyone else has tried this soap. I think it may be a Canadian company so I am not sure if it's available in the states.


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I have tried their soaps from time to time ... the regular soaps, not the so-called shave soap. I certainly think they are a quality product, but shave soap is pretty spe......ed stuff so I wouldn't take that as Gospel that their attepmt at it is any good other than as a bath soap.
Bad. I also tried a vegetable soap from a small company in BC, "Old Windsor" shaving soap. Man, no matter what you do there is just no shaving lather out of it. What little insignficant lather you get, it dries and dissapperas in matter of few seconds.

On a packaging of OW it says they made it following an old English formula for shaving soaps. Therefore, I expected a rich tallow-like lather, however, every hand soap from a supermarket produce abundant and a high quality shaving lather when compared to these artisan "shaving" soaps.

Yet, the OW windsor I found to be very sleek. It is perhaps a soap good for lovers under a shower. The sleekest thing ever ! But not the soap for shaving.

Truly disappointed. I'll never buy it again unless they drastically change their formulas - there are very good vegeable shaving soaps out there on the market.
I picked up a bar of the Bay Rum soap from Rocky Mountain Soaps here locally at a fair the other day.

The scent is wonderful, but I haven't been able to get a good shave with it the 3 or 4 times I've used it. With Colonel Conk's soaps or Nana June's Naturals, I can get a great, smooth, perfect shave with my Red Tip and Derbys. With the Rocky Mountain soap, I've literally torn my face up every time I've tried it. :-/

If only it worked as good as it smells.
I picked up a bar of their Bay Rum shaving soap the other day at a fair (I live in Denver).

First, I have to say, the soap smells wonderful. If that were all that mattered I'd buy more in a second.

But, every time I've tried the soap I get a horrible shave. The lather is thin, dries quickly, and doesn't lubricate well at all. Using Colonel Conk's soaps or Nana June's Natural soaps, I can usually get a wonderful shave with my Red Tip and Derbys. Not so with the Rocky Mountain soap. All 4 times I've used it, I've literally torn my face up. As I type this, in fact, my face is burning from my shave with it this morning. :(

Great smelling stuff, but a horrible, horrible shaving soap.
Hey! That place is in Canmore! That's just down the road (about an hour) from me (Calgary), right in the front range of the Rockies. I will definitely have to go there soon!
It is a poor shave soap.

The do make very good shower bars though.

They have a fairly loyal following around Western Canada.



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