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Rocky Mountain Barber Company Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Has anyone tried Rocky Mountain Barber Company Sandalwood Shaving Cream? It contains sandalwood essential oil so does it smell like real sandalwood? Is the sandalwood scent mild, medium or strong? Does it lather well?
Bad enough I have the thought of PAA's Aloha Smackdown haunting me, now I stumble on RMBC's Cedar Spice, which, interestingly, doesn't list cedar or cedar essential oil as an ingredient.

I hope the cream lathers better than the posted picture shows. I mean no disrespect to guys who like thin lather, but c'mon! . . .


To achieve a look like that most of us would only have to rub a cotton ball across our face. Weak sauce. If you're gonna lather, son, lather!

My personal annoyance notwithstanding, I am much intrigued by the Cedar Spice scent.
I can only speak to the balm which is a lighter scent and has quite a prominent vanilla with the sandalwood. I’m not sure what sandalwood smells like since there are so many variations. It’s sweeter than Proraso.
They are a Canadian company that mainly sells on Amazon.ca. I have used their shaving soap and cream and they are just ok. Not great and not worth $20CDN when Stirling and other mid to top tier brands are the same price. The sandalwood smells fine but there are better scented soaps out there as well

i tend to get it for Christmas or by BDay from my kids. I use it but it isn’t nearly my favourite.
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