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Rockwell parts in Europe?

I can see that you can get individual plates, top cap and handles on the Rockwell site, which would enable you to put together a head which would be a lot cheaper than the full 6s (I don't need a handle yet or certain plates), which would be great if it wasn't for the fact that they have one standard shipping rate of $30 to the UK.

Are there any other sites or places to get these parts, or am I just out of luck?

The usual UK vendors don't seem to stock the individual parts. Why not email them and ask if they have UK or EU agents.
International shipping these days seems to have risen astronomically so the vendors are only dealing with complete razors.
I live in Brazil and I use parcel forwarding services in order to buy shaving stuff from USA.

If you are interested in more American shaving gears, is a good way to share the shipping costs among a handful of items. For about US$ 40 I can get a medium size box with 10 to 15 items inside.
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