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Rockwell Model T2 misalignment

I recently purchased the Rockwell model t2 in gunmetal and I really like the look, design, and feel of the razor. However, after shaving with it for the last month, I'm convinced that there is a defect present. One side of the razor is noticeably more aggressive than the other. Upon further inspection, it seems that the blade reveal is slightly greater on one side. Unfortunately due to the design of the silo doors, I can't actually adjust the blade once it's loaded. Had anyone else experienced this issue?


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So the vendor that I purchased the razor from sent me a replacement, no questions asked. I can't thank them enough, because now I know I'm not crazy! I just shaved with the new one last night and it's literally and figuratively a completely different razor. If you're interested I took some side by side comparison pics. Please note the difference in bar height and blade gap when both are on the 6 setting. Also, the bay doors are swapped between the two in reference to the indicator arrow. The "good" razor is on the left in these pics. I plan on sending these to Rockwell for quality control purposes.
As I read the Terms of Use, there's no prohibition against mentioning experiences with a vendor with which you are not affiliated. (Moderators, please correct me if I have this wrong, of course)
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