Rockwell Model T is in!!

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    that gives me hope. I funded back in May of 2016, however I requested gunmetal and so mine is further along the production schedule. I too have the Parthenon and was very underwhelmed. Granted, my earlybird pledge was considerably less than the current sale price of the razor. I don't think I'll feel cheated.
  2. I was interested in this razor, but the price tag for a zamac razor kind of turned me off. I could easily get a Rex for about the same price, or if I want the aggressive blade feel from and adjustable, a Futur.
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    the way I understand it, the only zamak portion is the top doors.
  4. Still, for the cost of the Model T, I expect to be able to pass it down to my children one day. I'm not sure the zamak will last a lifetime or more.
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    true, I wouldn't pay what they're asking for it now.
  6. Yeah, I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I pledged the $99, but I’m not even sure that I care about owning an adjustable TTO anymore. I’d have preferred an SS offering, which I thought they were going to offer down the line, but I get it... engineering something complicated like this, as a small company no less, would be difficult.

    As a fellow Canuck, I want to support them, and I’m a big fan of the 6S, so if I’m not that into the T, I’ll sell it later.
  7. Hen's teeth do exist! I got my Model T today. Initial impression is that it is pretty huge; a massive handle and a really big head. The plating on mine is flawless and the mechanism seems pretty smooth and precise. I'll take her for a shave tomorrow and post a first shave follow up.
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    They're being delivered fast and furiously now. How soon before the gunmetal gets into production?
  9. It's not stainless steel? Rex is better in that regards.
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    Pics? Loaded with a blade?
  11. Looking online now shows the website changed from Aug 18 delivery to October 18!
  12. I had my first shave this morning with Rockwell Model T, and it went very well. Given some of the fairly negative feedback that has been generated about the Model T, I didn’t necessarily have my hopes up, but I have to say that my results were excellent. Blade alignment appeared to (my naked eye) to be excellent. I started conservatively on a setting of 2 for the first pass. This produced very little blade feel and was very smooth, but it was also surprisingly efficient. For the second pass I dialed it up to 3, which did increase blade feel just a bit, but with no loss of smoothness. One WTG pass, a second ATG pass, and some minor touch-ups on a few typical trouble spots, and I was very well shaved. All in all it was a pretty effortless, comfortable shave. I was impressed.

    It’s only one shave, so there’s more to explore (especially the higher settings) as I go along, but my initial impression is that the Model T is indeed a very good razor. Is it good enough to live up to Rockwell’s audacious promotional hype? That’s probably not possible. Is it good enough to overcome the negativity generated by the long delays and the assertions of being less than forthcoming in dealing with their backers over the course of the campaign? We’ll have to see. But the real business question for these guys is whether the Model T is good enough to actually command $195 in the current DE marketplace. That price point puts it squarely up against the heavyweights in the high end, CNC machined stainless segment. And as good a razor as the Model T appears to be—and it is good—competing in that arena seems to me like a pretty tall order. If the business model requires significant sales at that price point, that could spell trouble.
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    yes, the rex is better for that
    thanks for the review. I was very nervous. I pledged back in May of 2016 (#369) and it's been a very long road indeed.
  14. I received my Model T a little over a week ago and was duly impressed. Shaved with it and really liked the razor. For a few days anyways, however, before the week was done the 2 part T-bar assembly separated and the razor's doors fell into my hands. So now the razor is useless. I am waiting for Rockwell to answer back what my next step should be? IMHO The 2 part T-bar is a bad design! After such a long wait I am sorely disappointed.
  15. I *think* in their last update they mentioned that the 2 piece T bar was moving to a 1 piece design. Maybe you got the old design? Anyway, that's no bueno.
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    I'm sure that will be replaced by the 1 piece design they've been touting. I'm kind of glad I selected the gunmetal finish as it should provide them time to work out any design issues while shipping out the chrome.
  18. I am also waiting on my Model T in Gunmetal finish. I hope that they have worked out these issues before the other finishes debut.
  19. I hope they work out their issues before I die. They've been holding my money for over a year. During that time, they switched materials while other manufacturers have come out with excellent non-Zamak razors. I've stuck with it mostly out of curiosity.

    I queried them about the status when I hadn't heard from them for awhile. I got a snarky email in return. You can't treat customers that speculate on your company that way.

    No matter how good this razor is, it won't have been worth it. Crowd-funded products are always a risk, but this is one that has no way of recovering from.
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