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    Tried them once and did not think much of them, but gave them another ride with a slant and love it. Could not get them to perform with a tto Gillette set at 7 or above. If you like these blades what is your matching razor?
  1. I tried one today in a Rockwell 6S and the #2 head. I thought I could hear something being cut, but after two passes, I gave up. It looked like I had done nothing. Very comfortable and no irritation, but I was too fuzzy to accept it and afraid to keep piling on the passes. It has a reputation as a dull blade, and I was using the #2 head, so maybe I'll try it with a bigger-gap head sometime. I've used the razor only a couple of times - and I'm a noob anyway - so I don't know it well enough yet to draw any conclusions.

    The reason I tried this combination was because of the writing on the Rockwell box. They recommend the 2 plate for daily shaving and they include the blades, so I figured I would give that combination a try.
  2. Hmm, interesting thread. I find that my Rockwell Blades are extremely nice. However, I seem to be using the more aggressive settings with my Rockwell Razor. I also use the lower settings for finer hairs elsewhere on the body. For example, R3 for my Underarms. I get a good 4 shaves from the Rockwell Blades with shaving certain parts of the body after the 4th shave. I'm pretty sure I could get a 5th or even a 6th shave out of each blade if I pushed it.

    Don't go by the writing on the Rockwell Box unless you have extremely wispy whiskers. I start my face shaves with an R6 WTG, R5 XTG, and then finally the R4 caddie corner to the grain. I do this daily. You have to figure out what works best for you and work it from there.
  3. I'll try R3 and a Personna Blue tomorrow. I think I had some trouble with the lather loading up in the Rockwell razor. I'll be more careful about that. Then I'll try the Rockwell blade in something I'm more used to, like my Feather AS-D2.
  4. "I thought I could hear something being cut"
    That's a great a line.
  5. They changed the packaging of the blade once, which might suggest they made improvements to the blades. I only ever tried the black packaging and found them pretty dull.
    I will try to find a picture.
    index.jpg rockwell-swedish-stainless-steel-razor-blades-double-edge.jpg
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    There was a fairly extensive thread somewhere, not sure if it was B&B where guys did confirm the blades were revamped along with the packaging. The vast majority went from absolutely hating the original blades to finding that the newer version worked just fine. I still have my newer pack that came with the razor but haven’t tried them.
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    I've used them in a Merkur 20C (standard 3-piece, fairly mild razor) and thought that they were middle of the road blades, not terrible but would not unseat any of my favorites. I received a box of 100 (of the newer black packaging variety) in a PIF.
  8. I guess I need to try the new version too, and see for myself.
  9. Which of these is the new one?
  10. The white one.
  11. Thanks. I believe I believe I have those and may need to try them. What the heck.
  12. I think I threw away the pack that came with my 6C. Now I’m wishing I had at least tried them
  13. They only worked well in my Rockwell 6c.
    They were awful in everything else.
  14. I'll be getting a 100 blade box with my Model T Kickstarter order. Wonder if I'm getting the old ons or new ones.
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    They will be the new ones. The prior generation are long gone and fortunately there weren’t a lot out in the wild at secondary vendors
  16. Just tried them in my 6C on plate 4. Not a bad shave. Some irritation but could also be due to high plate. Will try in EJ89 to see how it works in that razor.
  17. I tried the blades in Rockwell 6C plate 4. Very nice shave. BBS. I did get a weeper on chin, but the rest was irritation free. I like the blades, may try in EJ89 just for kicks.
  18. I use them in my Rockwell 6S with the #3 plate.

    Very smooth, no irritation, and BBS results.

    I like 'em!

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