Rockwell 6S

Discussion in 'Buy- Sell- Trade' started by Badgerstate36, Aug 12, 2018.

    Hello all, Ive got a Rockwell 6S that Im looking to unload. Ive had it for about a week and its just not working for me. It does have some nicks on one of the plates that were there when I bought it new but other than that, its pristine.
    Im looking to get $80 for it, shipping included.
  1. Good deal on a well regarded razor.
  2. You should have no problem finding a buyer, but if for some reason you keep it, make sure you try all of the plates. I will only use my 6S with the 5 or 6. The rest of the plates are not efficient for me.
  3. Performance will vary with blades. Plate 5/6 works especially well for me with BIC Chrome Platinum, Voshkod and GSB. Other blades, not so...
  4. The razor has been sold, pending payment.
  5. I tried the 3,4 and 6 plate. Im used to mild razors and it just doesnt feel like its cutting. I tried it with a Feather, Dorco Prime and Personna Lab Blue with the same results.
  6. Could be the head geometry. I reluctantly had to let go of a Parker Variant (loved the razor), but it's a really heavy razor, and the large head and different cutting angle for me turned pleasure into work.

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