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Rockwell 6S or Rex Ambassador?

I've been trying different razors to find the ones that work for me and the ones that don't.

I really like my old gillettes (and collect them), like the flair tip and flair tip with a red knob, the aristocrats, fat boy and slim adj

I recently bought a Rockwell 6S and love it. Right now its my favorite of the new and old razors. I tried a Blackland blackbird and found it beautiful but too aggressive for me. I guess that was a move in the wrong direction. So I sold it.

So I'm wondering if I should try a Rex Ambassador, or is it reduntant? Is it too similar to others that I have.
I have a Rockwell 6C which I really like and has been my Go-To razor for about a year or so. I bought the REX Ambassador and I love it! It is definitely better than the 6C IMO. Here are my cons about it. I have sensitive skin so there is not too much adjustability on the razor if that's what you're looking for. I'm confident you can find a setting between 1 and 6 that will suit you, but I only use it on 1.5 down to about .75. Not much adjustability, but it shaves fantastic on those settings so for me that's all that really matters. I could set it on 1.5 and leave it there all the time most likely if I had to. Secondly it has much more blade exposure than the Rockwell. Again, this may not matter for you. The REX is a more aggressive razor on any setting IMO, but it doesn't matter if it works. I also have a Fatboy and I like the REX better than my Fatboy. I shave on 4 with the Fatboy and I'm certain I could not do that with the REX. My personal guess if you like the old Gillettes, you'll love the REX. Pricey, but worth it.