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FS Rockwell 6s, BK-8, Hucklaration, Declaration/Vie Long

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Trying to free up some funds for new stuff and hopefully free some space. Rockwell 6s, all plates. I used the 5/6 plate regularly and only tried the others once. Will come in original box. Retail is $100. Get mine for $70 shipped CONUS.

Kent BK-8. (pictured by itself) Used four or five times. Big brush (about 26mm with tallish loft) that is very soft and a little floppy. Not much density, but very very soft silvertip hair. Will come in the original and lovely cylindrical box that Kent sends these in. Prices are all over the place on these from $95 to $110 from Euro vendors to well over $150 from US vendors. Selling mine for $65 shipped CONUS.

Hucklaration (brush far right) (Declaration B4 knot and Jeff Huck Bristle Brushworks handle). About 26mm with EXTREME gel tips. These were limited editions and the only reference to price I could find was $239 for the B3 editions. This is the newer and generally preferred B4. I've used it about ten times. $180 CONUS. (If I'm wrong on the original price please feel free to correct me).

Declaration B2 knot in green Vie Long Lord Randal handle. 24mm. Incredible knot. If the Huck sells first I'm keeping this one. Gel tips, but not as extreme as the Huck. Lower and smaller knot gives it more backbone than the Huck. I love this brush. I have no idea what retail was since it was a custom, but knotting service from Declaration starts at $129. The first $100 will get this one. That includes shipping CONUS.

The brush on the left is a Shavemac D01 silvertip in a LoveYourShave handle (Vlad Ferdman, artisan). Resin is black peacock with peacock band. 28mm knot that has unfortunately started to shed. However it is a dense knot that should last a while. This knot would be about $175 from Shavemac today, but since it sheds isn't worth much. The handle would probably cost at least $50 from Vlad. The hairs are really fine so this big dense knot still has great flow through and is very soft. I love this knot except for the shedding. I'd let it go for $35 shipped CONUS.
Since three are sold. I'm going to keep the Huck. I really wanted to keep the B2, but it sold in seconds. Thats okay, since the Huck is a beauty. Rockwell is still available.
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