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Rocks & Rabbit Holes

A introduction before asking questions, I also wanted to say hello, and thanks for all the information I’ve been able to acquire from the forum.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an interest in knives, the pocket varieties seem to peek my interest, due to the continuous innovation, introduction and use of better steels required to stay relevant in a competitive industry. I also enjoy my kitchen cutlery because of the amount of use l’m able to give the knives.
I have a small collection, nothing fancy, or expensive, just knives I find interesting when I see them. I may go a couple of years without buying one, then pick up two or three in a couple of months.
I also enjoy re-profiling and sharpening blades as much as I do fiddling (for lack of a better word) with the knives.

My dad wrangled me into helping him build a nice collection of Japanese swords. We actively searched the US through the last three quarters of the 70s, when some of our best finds were scooped up at a good deals, into the 80s.
If you ever saw an add in the newspaper with the picture of a Japanese Sword above the caption in bold letters “Japanese Swords Wanted” and appraised. Highest prices paid in cash! (Always in the main section, page 1, 2 or 3, above the fold, or we wouldn’t run it) It very possibly was us.
Later on my father was one of the founders of the Society for preservation of Japanese swords the Florida Token Kai. I had long since gone to work.

After four and a half decades of busting my rear end in business, training hard at my hobbies. I’m now trying to slow down, live a relatively simple, happy life, and enjoy the rest of the journey by avoiding all the cans of worms, sticky wickets, and both pot and rabbit holes, life has a way of slipping into our paths. Doctors orders.

Recently I decided to add a straight razor into my collection of all things sharp, and while looking for a razor, I became interested in actually learning how to use one. Of course if I’m going to use it, I’ll need to maintain it, and keep it sharp.
What's that spiraling sensation I’m feeling?
Not to mention all the new accruements for a nice and comfortable wet shave. Sure is a lot of nice product in the wet shave department of the internet:) Shouldn’t be a problem, the women in my life have taught me how to shop very well. Looky looky looky, clickity click click. Thank you very much.

Now sharp shouldn’t be a problem either to a guy who has a decent set of sharpening stones, and the skills to go with them. Along with various different devices, I have a full set of DMTs both 8 & 10”, a set of Naniwas 400-8000, a set of Shapton Pros 120-12000. An odd Suehiro 15000.
Heck, I spent a good part of my youth kicking around Hot Springs Arkansas. You know the place where Mother Earth grows those beautiful quartz crystals and sharpening stones. I used to have, key words, used to, a nice set of Arks. Unfortunately the passing of 40 years sometimes has a way of relieving us of possessions that could of and should of stayed with us our whole lives. I only have 1 soft Ark left, and it sees very little use anymore.
With all that said, however we’re talking sharp at a whole different level, and after reading, and acquiring all this new information about honing razors. I’m finding I’m just not equipped to put a proper edge on a razor. Well shoot! Wish I still Had my Arks! Back to the books.
So read read read, absorb as much as I can, then make the decision to purchase and learn to use natural stones for finishing. But which naturals?
Jnats, yep that’s the ticket. The group mind think of the inter-web. If you really want a nice comfortable straight razor shave, unlock the magic and mystique of the Japanese natural stone. And why not, I already have some obvious appreciation and history here.
Danm that spiraling sensation I keep feeling, what is it?
Shop shop shop, scan scan scan all the places I can find on the internet over the holidays. Can’t seem to find the finisher I’m looking for because Mother Earth only produced a limited amount of anything we really want, and when she does who ever owns it, isn’t giving it away, ever.
Then finally after an exhaustive search, and me realizing I’m going to have to increase to budget to get what I want. Boom, I find it, that’s it, that’s going to be my first Jnat. It’s not free, but it’s not 50k either. Ordered.
No word from the seller, no confirmation, money’s left PayPal. Waiting. Patiently waiting. After a week I contacted the seller, and am told it was unusual to have not gotten a confirmation email, but let me check. It was delivered yesterday, Sunday, FedEx. Ok, maybe it will show up in today’s mail. It did. Hurray, I’ve got my first Jnat, but the holidays are over, and I need to get back to work! Darn it, no time to check out my new rock when it arrived. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, and I get to check out my new rock. Maybe seal it, and the accompanying nagura that came with it. It’s a beauty, it’s perfect, it’s exactly what I had envisioned, everything I hoped for, except for that slight crack, you can barely see, across the top.

Should I send it back or keep it, is that small crack inconsequential, but that is a question for a different part of this forum.

I could have sworn I said I was trying to avoid spiraling down another Rabbit Hole.

Welcome to B&B Dave! I just stopped by to say that you are going to absolutely geek out over the level of knowledge and camaraderie that you're about to discover in the straight razor forums. Not only are these really awesome and interesting guys but they really know their stuff about steel and stones.
Head on over to the straight razor section and in the hones subforum post up pics of said stone and the guys there will gladly help you. I've learned a lot from this forum and have yet to deal with any mockery or negativity when asking questions. Welcome to the forum glad to have another straight shaver such as myself.
Badger and Blade has plenty of room for all kinds of rabbit holes. So if pocket knives, kitchen cutlery, Japanese swords are your thing, you will find kindred spirits here. I used to work in a paper mill where knives (both folding and fixed) were used everyday and had to be kept razor sharp, so I have a fondness for all things sharp, including straight razors and the sharpening stones to keep them sharp. However, you will find that most rabbit holes are quite deep and at the bottom there are multiple tunnels connecting to other deep rabbit holes, so enjoy exploring along with your other B&B members. You never know what you might find.
Welcome to B & B where I think we cover most, if not all of the usual shaving implements. Straight razors, shavettes, single edge, double edge and all manner of varieties... and oh yes the variety of blades....
Yes we have a few rabbit holes

We are a great group of intrepid explorers in the world of shaving!!
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