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FS Rock-Ola (jukebox co) Home Bar

It's time to let it go.

1940s-1950s Rock-Ola home bar in limed oak (blond wood)

One handle is broken but I'll send what I got with it (about 1/3 of it). I always wanted to send the one good handle to a foundry and have two reproductions cast in brass or bronze but never did.

There is one water (probably booze) stain on the top. It shows normal wear appropriate for something of this age

Other than these issues the cabinet is in factory original condition in original finish.

I've enjoyed using it for several decades but we've sold our cottage in the great white north and SWMBO does not want to rent a truck and flatbed for the car. She is hoping to whittle down so that everything will fit in a 5x12 trailer pulled behind the truck-a-saurous.

So, the Rock-ola is leaving.

38" tall by 28" wide by 15" deep. Patite and dumunitive not a room dominator.

It stands on round tapered splayed "dark goldy specked" colored 40s/50s style legs.

Front liquor area locks and has the original key.

Top front half flips back to offer a simple drink mixing area of green leatherette without opening up the front of the cabinet.

Open the two doors and a larger leatherette covered pull out drink mixing area is available.

There is custom fitted storage for shot glasses, high ball, old fashion, and wine glasses

The lower liquor storage area is tall and ample with enough storage for just about everything you can think of.

The back of the cabinet is branded (burned in) RMC Rock-ola which is one of their early marking.

I know the cabinet will get a good home with a B&B member

Belly up boys, drinks are on Mick

Priced at $255.00 (paypal)

Shipping will be on you. I've spoken to "Shipping Shack" here in New Hampshire and they will box and send it to you via UPS insured. Send me your zip code for a cost. You will deal directly with the shipping company.







Like me, he drinks (single malt)

Like my SWMBO she disapproves.

They were going to "talk about it". If all goes the way it does around here, it won't be staying. She has that space earmarked for another piece of furniture (anything but a bar, I bet).

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