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Rob's Travel Kit (Canadian) PIF

It has been a while since I stepped up to the plate. I am enjoying this inexpensive travel kit and wish to spread the word so to speak. So this PIF is open to anyone who would like try out Shavette Shaving.
It includes;
Fendrihan Parker style shavette.
Astra SP Blades
Prorasso Red Tube Shave Cream
Captains Choice Sandalwood Aftershave
New direct from Retailer.
Just say your In. Sorry only open to Canadians due to shipping Restrictions.
Winner Random. Let's say 1 week.
I have actually been considering giving a shavette a go. I would be in, but will let someone more deserving have at this very thoughtful PIF.
Very generous!

Not in as I need to use up a ton of stuff that has somehow collected itself around here.
Yeah sorry to our American Brothers. Maybe I should have left the aftershave off so anyone could be eligible. Next time.
There is some issue with aftershave in the regular post. It really sucks because we can't order aftershave from US retailers also. Razors are no problem at all. Most of mine have come out of the States actually.
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