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Robert Smith CooncatBob of Bob's Razor Works

I bought two razors from him earlier this year. They immediately became my favorite razors. I wanted to buy more. But I'm glad that I've got one to pass on to each of my boys. He seemed like a nice guy and he was a talented artisan.
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In my nearly a year of proper wet shaving, there have been many reasons for me to say "I wish I started getting into this sooner".
Badger and Blade is one of them, to have known this gentleman and his art would certainly be another.
RIP Sir.
I can't add anything in words to what has already been expressed....

I'm very saddened by the news. While losing someone is never easy, Bob's memory will live on in the works of art he created and in the other craftsmen he inspired and guided throughout the years. He was generous with his time, his knowledge, and his communication with all he did.

We've all lost a brother with Bob's passing.
We are all lucky to have shared in his life through our interactions with him whether personally or just in reading his posts throughout the forums.

Part of him will live on longer than many of us. His works of art will endure- and somewhere around the globe every day someone will experience the joy of using one of his creations.

I really enjoy the pictures you guys have posted of his creations. He really was a patient and detailed gentleman to work with.

Bob was an every day man's man who did not mince words. He took pride in his work and was a consummate professional. His work spoke for itself.

My thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends in their time of loss.
Sad news indeed. It's comforting in a way to know that Bob's work has touched (literally) so meany people here and in the shaving community at large. In a world where quality craftsmanship has by and large given way to mass produced third rate hardware, it's a nice thought to envision that on the holographic version of the Badger and Blade in the year 2112 people will be desperately searching and trading for a Cooncat Bob vintage item. His will outlast much of what passes for modern shaving gear made today.

Cheers Bob
I am fortunate to have purchased a bull mastiff handle from Bob and it was a true pleasure. I have commented on here and other forums how it transformed my EJ to a whole nother level and how it will be an honor to pass it on to my son and hopefully grandson, and what a fine example of what a craftsman can do. RIP Bob, Thanks for sharing your art....


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This is a tragic loss on so many levels. My condolences go out to Bob's family and friends. This community of ours is less today. The Bull Mastiff handle was created by an artist and an innovator. Rest in Peace, Bob.
Just read the news..Really really sad ! I don't even know him except for a few interactions through emails and PMs. A few artists have created this impact on me - the most recent ones were Steve Jobs and now Cooncat Bob. Yes, in the little world of DE Shaving, he was his own Jobs. RIP Bob..
For all of us that were fortunate enough to buy one of his pieces, I hope WE ALL have the sense to not suddenly pack up his tools and coddle them like babies. Mine is my everyday shaver with the soap glaze and all, and he would certainly want us to try to wear them completely out rather than put them away for posterity. I will continue the task.
As I'm new to this art of wet shaving, I've had no opportunity to deal with Bob, but I've read so many good things about him. It's so sad when someone so respected goes. My condolences to his family and many friends.
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