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Robert Smith CooncatBob of Bob's Razor Works

I've been in and out of this site over the past few months, and only now have I learned of Bob Smith's death in April. Last year I traded him a number of Gillette NEW heads for two NEW long comb heads and custom handles. In a throw-away age of shoddy and cheap disposable everything, every once in a while we get to meet a man who takes time to make a product that with modest care will easily last a hundred years. I am deeply honored to have had the acquaintance of this man, whose craftsmanship and attention to detail is embodied in everything that ever left his shop. A man's life is, of course, more than the stuff he makes. But when a man does good work, and others are blessed by it, he lives on (at least in part) in the memory of those who knew him and now own and use an example of his artistry.

His hands are quiet now. As I shave tomorrow morning with a razor that came from him, I shall remember. Good night, Mr. Smith.
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B&B and the rest of the world lost a great artisan and craftsman. As for the family, they lost something much more. My condolences.
Requiescat in Pace, Bob. I am sad to see such a venerated and well-liked man pass away. I wish I was able to own one of his pieces of shaving art, but sadly I never got the opportunity. We'll miss you, Bob.
RIP Bob, you were a gentleman and a master craftsman. I am s lucky man to have bough several of your beautiful handiwork and i enjoy using them often. One of my big regrets is putting off placing another order with you in early March. Oh well such is life.
Just heard the NEWS, bob. Wherever you are, I hope you can appreciate a pun. You will be missed.

I only have one of his handles, a shorty in bronze that I received in trade for some new heads.

Hearing this news gave me a kind of eerie feeling. It was only a few months back that bob had posted here, wondering if something had happened to me.
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Just read this for the first time today. I am in shock.

I recently got my Bull Mastiff Deluxe & wanted to order another. I've been away from the boards for over a month, busy with work.

My last email from Bob was on 3/27 saying that he was shipping the razor the next day, 3/28. I got the razor the following Monday on 4/2. He was gone 3 days later? I just can't believe it.

Bob, this razor you made me will always be a prized and cared for posession and I will never let it go. Rest in peace, friend.
I shaved with your razor this evening and thought of you.

I just found out about this (I've been absent from the forum for a bit). What a blow to the wet shaving community! My condolences to his family. I had the good fortune of purchasing two razors from him and love both though the Bull Mastiff is my favorite.
Bob, you will be missed!
My condolences to Bob's family.
I will miss Bob and his expert craftsmanship.
I have several handles and a special brush made by Bob.
He made handles for my DE razors, my SE Damaskeene, and he made me a custom Atra razor with Bull Mastiff handle.
His work was, is impeccable.

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Bob.
You will be missed.

I seen on the home page that Cooncat Bob of Bob's razor works has recently passed. My condolences to his family and friends. His work was truly wonderful. I was going to have him make me a handle before Christmas but my work slowed down and I had to wait...Now I really wish that I had gone ahead with it, what a treasure that would have been to have. Very sad news.:crying:
My goodness!! How could I have missed this.......I was wondering why he never answered my last email I sent like a month ago or so....I figured he was swamped and back logged with jobs, so I just waited patiently.... As he always responded back. I feel like the worlds biggest dousche now.

RIP Bob, you were a true craftsman of the highest quality and will be missed!!!!
He was an artisan. I keep seeing his works and thinking I should have gotten one of those. Luckily I still hav e four of his custom works. We should have a sticky w all his custom works of art!
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