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Robert Becker is no longer making scuttles

I saw a thread in which someone was talking about his new Robert Becker scuttle and so I found Becker's website and found that the items looked very interesting (and less than half the price of Georgetown's). I saw that several items were marked as no longer available, so I found a couple that still seemed to be available and sent Mr. Becker a message. His reply was that he is no longer making scuttles because he was just doing it as a "retirement hobby" but it has gone "out of control," so he has stopped making things for now and his inventory is sold out, but to check back on his website occasionally (http://www.rabfeatsofclay.com/) to see if he has gone back into production.
That's too bad. His scuttles were a great value. I think if he increased his prices a little, it would have decreased the demand.
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