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RK Stainless double edge blades


Leave your review of these blades, but please specify whether you have the Henson branded blades or the Indian market version. There is a possibility that the custom packaged blades made for Henson are also custom ground.

I received this 10 pack of blades from an Indian blade sample that I ordered direct(not from a US based shop). The price on the tuck is 20RP/10 blades, cheaper than the Chromium blades. The current price direct is around $9US/100. As has been my experience with RK, they can't seem to cut the blades straight across so the tabs are not straight and can catch on things that you don't want them to!

TLDR: these should be sufficiently sharp out of the wrapper for any shaver to actually use and not require a tuggy first shave. Go easy if they don't feel sharp enough or you will get bit! You shouldn't if you have a light touch, but no guarantee.

Out of the package, on the first edge only, these blades are sharper than the Chromium version and don't seem to change sharpness through the first shave. They are very close in sharpness to Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades, but not quite as smooth. They feel like what I expect from a blade labeled as "Stainless" and I think those that prefer non-hardened edges will understand what I mean, they have a little bit of a bitey edge feel. Not much and it doesn't produce any irritation for me, but I bet with some pressure they would! I can understand why Henson users would rate them badly as those razors have superior blade clamping which is not forgiving. On the other hand, I can't be sure that these are the same as I didn't feel anything defective about the manufacturing and the reviews so far make them sound unusable. Although I am certain that they are sharper, less tugging than the Chromium blades, I am not certain that they are more efficient. My face feels about the same several hours later as it did with the Chromium. I suspect with these being the budget option, the blade grinding is different and simpler. Also, my goatee area, the densest on my face, wouldn't cut as closely during the shave and upon inspection later, it's definitely not. On the negative column, I did get two weepers. One that I could not find at all and the other a flat spot where my skin must be thin because it seems to bleed at the mere sight of a blade! There are other tricky areas that I know I shouldn't have detailed as much as I did, but I didn't pay anything for it. If the blades were poorly manufactured, then I certainly would have. I did some pretty aggressive J hooks ATG that have caused me to bleed using sharper blades. I also don't expect these blades to last more than two shaves, three maybe, I will try if they don't get ragged. I will report back in a few days with a conclusion, hopefully not tomorrow.
I have used the RK Stainless blades from Henson and had a much different experience. They are so dull that they are tuggy and unusable on my particular conditions. Way less sharp than even the Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades.

I thought it might be just me, so when I got my wife to try a Henson mild instead of her regular disposable, I put in an RK, because she has much thinner leg hair than my whiskers. I didn't tell her. She said that she didn't like using the Henson because it was too dull. I switched it with a Gillette Wilkinson Sword and she has been happy and using it ever since.

That is the Henson version of the RK. YMMV, of course, just reporting two more experiences.
I have a couple of tucks that came with my Hensons. It's been awhile since I used them, but I really liked them at the time. I found them sharp enough to be effective, but were relatively forgiving and smooth compared to other blades. If I recall, a lot of the guys who dislike them so strongly seem to be those who prefer the very sharpest blades like Feathers and Permasharps. I've been trending toward sharper blades lately myself though, I'll have to try these again and see if I still rate them as highly.
Shave 2 edge 1, not great

The stubble was longer than normal last night and uneven.

Blade was not particular comfortable from the beginning, but not too bad. Sharpness was fine throughout the shave, possibly sharper than the first shave. I picked up two more weepers, one was near the beginning of the shave, but I didn't see it until later. Both left visible red dots, and since one was at the beginning I can't recommend more than one shave per edge on these.

On to edge two tomorrow and that's it! :scared:
RK Stainless, the final report


I took an extra day because I had a blade to use up in my Henson and wanted to try the RK in a Henson.

TLDR: this is a good blade for two shaves in the Henson. No tugging and adequate smoothness. Nearly indistinguishable from any of the Egyptian Lord Stainless blades. Not recommended for western users as there are better blades, even at the same per shave cost. The Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades remain the Indian budget staple for myself and others, though my stock are made in Shanghai.

There isn't much to add beyond the above, the blade fits nicely as reported and the annoying blade tabs are covered in the Henson. I used a fresh blade edge as I only use one at a time. The sharpness was fine and it stayed stable throughout the shave. The Henson's superior blade clamping allowed me to accomplish a very fast first pass composed of Gillette slides and j-hooks using medium length strokes. Even across my tough goatee area, and some sensitive bumps, without consequences.

The blade feel is noticeably less even in the +++ Henson compared to my Blackbird, it mutes that slightly bitey edge feel that is still there. I won't try to call this blade smooth per se, but on shave one it's about what you expect from a blade labeled Stainless, there is enough coating intact to prevent weepers and any real discomfort. I want to say that it's similar to the Gillette Wilkinson Sword on the first shave comfort wise, but I don't think it actually is nor do I think the difference matters.

I was surprised to be able to continue my speed shaving session through the second(final) pass without any weepers. I should have done the against the grain on my more sensitive areas first as there were signs right at the end that I had expended the blade's smoothness.

Once again, I was quite pleased with closeness of the shave right after, right on that DFS/BBS borderline. However, once again, this blade disappoints a few hours later with uneven patchiness. It's good enough and my skin feels great, but why bother in order to save a few pennies(literally). Two shaves on one of these times two blades equal the cost of one PPI blade that will provide at least 4 good shaves, or most other top tier blades.
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