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RIP Tom Magliozzi

What?!?! no!!!

I wonder if this means they'll be sending back my 1946 GE washing machine with hydra-magic spin cycle, and extra soap dispenser with automatic vibration reduction and accessory stabilizers, that had my answer to last weeks puzzler on it. : /

Godspeed my friend
This is sad news. Listening to their podcast has been a highlight of every week since I found out about Car Talk about 5 years ago.

I had no idea that they have been airing repeats for the last 2 years.
My fiancé just told me about this. We're both bummed by the news, but know he's in a good place. God just needed a good mechanic, right? She was telling me a story about a time she was listening and some female college student called in a said she could use some advice. They asked what kind of car she had, to which she replied she had none. She was feeling overwhelmed with school and just needed some good life advice. They ended up talking with her for awhile trying to help her out. Just some real all around great guys, and my prayers go out to Tom's brother and the rest of the family.
RIP. I remember listening to these guys on some military radio station back in Japan. They were great.
RIP Tom.
I used to listen to his show regularly with my parents, which means a long time ago... it always made me happy to find it again on random weekends.
I was crushed to hear about it. I hope he and Ray knew/know how much enjoyment they gave to so many people.
Great radio and great guys. My cousin used to take her car to their shop and said they were exactly the same in person as they were on the radio.