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RIP Tanya Roberts


I’m not a fan
I just found that on Monday Jan. 4th, Tanya Roberts passed away suddenly at the age of 65.

Bond girl, Angel, Beastmaster beauty, and of course Sheena.

R.I.P. Tanya

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Urinary Tract Infections are such an evil curse for our friends of the finer sex. So often they go undiagnosed and the mental and emotional toil and agony become attributed to so many other things - even in the Doctors' Office. Men become susceptible to UTIs at a lesser percentage simply due to the divine design of biomechanics.

Having seen the results upon significant others in my lifetime I ask all who see this to leave this warning as a tool in the back of your mind. Keep it available when you see someone who is suffering emotionally or mentally irritable, often out of the blue and/or with little reason and forewarning. A simple test can catch 80% of these infections and if it doesn't seem like a UTI at the first test, longer incubations/protocols can catch the unusual types. The wonder is such infections can be 'cured' in short order. The extended curse is they are easily restarted if an analysis of hygiene practices is not undertaken to discover why they occur.

It is such a simple common thing, yet demonstrates clearly how far we still have to come in developing the psycho/physiological awareness in a process of disease diagnostics.

Thank you Ms. Roberts for all you gave us; of your life, your heart, and the joy of knowing you.


I’m not a fan
It appears this time it is for real. I loved The Beastmaster, such a bad movie but I still watch it over and over.
I love watching The Beastmaster, I try to catch it whenever it's on. A guilty pleasure.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
I never watched That 70's Show. I should look for it and see if its streaming somewhere.
If you were a teenager in that decade, it's pretty fun viewing.

All the 70's dumb stuff is there: pet rocks, bellbottoms, G.I. Joe, groovin' in the basement circle ... See the episode where stoned Eric has to talk to his parents, and the wallpaper pattern starts moving as they are lecturing him... it's a howl!


Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
My daughter went to college with a girl from Wisconsin named Pinciotti who told my daughter that her father grew up next door to a guy named Mark Brazill, with whom he was friends, and who went on to create That 70s Show. She said that the Bob & Midge Pinciotti characters were loosely based on her grandparents!
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