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RIP Stephen "tWitch" Boss


Bigfoot & Bagel aficionado.
Stephen "tWitch" Boss, dancer, choreographer, dj, has died at age 40.

Rest in Peace tWitch.

A tribute from his friend and colleague, Kalen Allen...

"To my beloved friend, confidant, and brother…

God knows, my heart is at a standstill because I have never known a friend like you. No words, dance, or show can adequately capture just how magnificent your existence was to this world and me. In a world where it was easy to get lost in the shadows, I am grateful that we always saw each other. We were each other's number one fan and often the light in each other's darkest hours. I am very sorry that the darkness found a voice this time and became too loud. I called you on Friday for our usual check-in because I randomly thought about when I came over for dinner, and you served me some bland *** corn and didn't drain the water. Hahaha.

On a more personal note, as a queer black man, I want to thank you for seeing me and providing me with a friendship that I didn't even know could exist. Oh, my friend, you have no idea how your existence alone was revolutionary. To be heard is one thing and to be seen is another. But, to be felt is the true gift, and I hope that as you look down from above, you know that you were never anyone's sidekick, and hell, you weren't even a real DJ, lol. But how you moved and captured the hearts of the world with your gentle and subtle kindness was the glue that made the puzzle complete. We ended every show encouraging the audience to take whatever light and joy they found in that soundstage and spread it through the world. I promise you I'll dream the unimaginable. I'll climb every mountain, and I'll dance every single dance with your memory as fuel.

To the man upstairs, please welcome the best dance partner, faux DJ, and host… Stephen "tWitch" Boss! Take care of him and take care of his family. You've gained an angel who needs no introduction.

Just keep dancing."
A very sad loss there. My wife was a big fan of him, has followed him on Instagram for a couple years and he has become one of her favourite modern dancers. She was quite upset by the news.
His passing was surprisingly. He always seemed like such a positive figure. As we hear time and time again, what's perceived to the masses is not always the reality of a celebrity's private life.
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